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1. Principal's Meeting

Program: Principals' Meetings

Audience: building principals, all levels

Dates: 4/30/2019

Ken Ziegler, Regional Certification Officer will be available for questions followed by a workshop using SIRS reports and ESSA accountability with Mary McGeoch. Designed with all principals in mind.

2. March 13th Facilitator Meeting and Debrief

Program: Other

Audience: March 13th Facilitators

Dates: 5/6/2019

This meeting will provide facilitators who participated in our March 13th Superintendents Day the opportunity to share with the group their thoughts on what things went well and how to improve on any that did not.

3. Cognitive Coaching Foundations

Program: Instructional Strategies

Audience: Teachers, administrators, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, counselors, mentors

Dates: 5/15/2019 to 7/25/2019

The mission of Cognitive Coaching (sm) is to produce self-directed persons with the cognitive capacity for excellence both independently and as members of a community. Research indicates that teaching is a complex intellectual activity and that teachers who think at higher levels produce students who are higher achieving, more cooperative, and better problem solvers. It is the invisible skills of teaching, the thinking processes that underlie instructional decisions, which produce superior instruction. Cognitive Coaching (sm) is a research-based model that capitalizes upon and enhances teachers' cognitive processes. In the eight-day seminars, participants learn how to: develop trust and rapport develop an identity as a mediator of thinking utilize conversation structures for planning, reflecting, and problem resolving develop teachers' autonomy and sense of community develop higher levels of efficacy, consciousness, craftsmanship, flexibility, and interdependence apply four support functions: coaching, evaluating, consulting, collaborating utilize the coaching tools of pausing, paraphrasing, and posing questions distinguish among the five forms of feedback and use data to mediate thinking. Billing Note: Days 1-4 billed in June ($175 HFM BOCES Component Districts/ $200 Outside Districts) Days 5-8 billed in September ($175 HFM BOCES Component Districts/ $200 Outside Districts)

4. 2019 Greater Capital Region Project Based Learning Institute

Program: Project Based Learning

Audience: Teachers, Administrators and instructional support staff

Dates: 7/15/2019 to 7/19/2019

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a lot more than "doing projects." This five-day workshop will provide an opportunity to explore how projects can become the driving force behind the delivery of your entire curriculum instead of just an end of unit assessment. PBL can help make our classrooms more relevant and rigorous while teaching crucial skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Participants will have opportunities to experience part of a PBL unit, work to begin designing their own standards-aligned units, and explore how to use Google applications and other free software to manage the process. Teachers who are new to PBL will gain a strong enough foundation to begin integrating projects into their work this year, while experienced teachers will be able to explore new subtleties and take their work to the next level. Individuals may submit personal checks to HFM BOCES if district or BOCES is not paying. Otherwise, districts or Local BOCES will be billed by HFM BOCES.

5. Book Study: The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller

Program: School Library System/IRC

Audience: School Library Media Specialists, Teachers, Teacher Aides, School Administrators

Dates: 7/23/2019

Book Summary: Donalyn Miller says she has yet to meet a child she couldn't turn into a reader. No matter how far behind Miller's students might be when they reach her 6th-grade classroom, they end up reading an average of 40 to 50 books a year. Miller's unconventional approach dispenses with drills and worksheets that make reading a chore. Instead, she helps students navigate the world of literature and gives them time to read books they pick out themselves. Her love of books and teaching is both infectious and inspiring. The book includes a dynamite list of recommended "kid lit" that helps parents and teachers find the books that students really like to read. (Donalyn Miller) This book study will focus on the ideas discussed in Miller's book and look at ways to put those ideas into practice in our classrooms, schools and districts. A 7-week online discussion will end with a workshop and a 1-hour webinar with the author, Donalyn Miller. Participants are required to: Read one chapter per week Answer one discussion question per week Complete one short reflection per week Comment on one classmate's post per week Attend the workshop and webinar on July 23rd from 8:00am-12:00pm Begin Date: May 12, 2019 End Date: July 23, 2019 Participants must purchase their own copy of The Book Whisperer.