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1. New NYS Library Standards and Digital Audio

Program: School Library System/IRC

Audience: School librarians and School Library Teaching Assistants

Dates: 9/25/2019

Starting Soon
Unpack and explore the new re-imagined Empire State Information Fluency Continuum standards focusing the four anchor standards, graphic organizers for assessment and priority skills for each grade level. This is Part 1 of exploring the standards preparing for the December 4 BOCES Regional conference with Barbara Stripling. We will also explore the new web-based Digital Audio and learn how to set students up for listening. Participants should bring their own digital device.

2. NGLS Work Group

Program: Standards

Audience: ELA and math teachers grades PreK-8, Curriculum Coaches, Teacher Leaders

Dates: 9/30/2019

This day will focus on continuing our work with unpacking and prioritizing standards as well as developing teaching points, for PreK-8 ELA and Math. Participants will be guided through a quick review of the process followed by grade level work-time. It is a half-day workshop, however, participants may choose to stay for the afternoon.

3. NGLS Train the Trainer

Program: Standards

Audience: Teacher leaders, Instructional and Curriculum Coaches, Building Leaders

Dates: 9/30/2019

This afternoon workshop will focus on preparing teacher leaders, coaches, and building leaders to be ready to deliver professional development to their district staff with unpacking and prioritizing standards, and developing teaching points.

4. Combined Council/Communication Coordinators Meeting

Program: School Library System/IRC

Audience: SLS Library Council Members and Communication Coordinators

Dates: 10/3/2019

Meeting for Library Council members and Communication Coordinators. Topics to be covered include budget, annual report,annual survey, library updates, advocacy and a look at K-12 to College connection.

5. Curriculum Council-NGLS Planning Team

Program: School and District Planning

Audience: Building Leaders and Identified District Contacts,

Dates: 10/8/2019 to 6/9/2020

This group will work collaboratively to identify the common experiences teachers need to have in order to be ready to fully implement NGLS in the fall of 2020.

6. Fulton County Public Health - Annual School Nurse Conference

Program: Other

Audience: School Nurses

Dates: 10/15/2019

The annual School Nurse Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday, October 15th from 8AM until 3PM. This year's conference has a wide variety of presenters from topics on mental health to presentations on immunizations. These presenters will cover topics which they are very knowledgeable in, in hopes that the school nurses will leave with some new information both beneficial to them in their personal and professional lives.

7. Library Boot Camp

Program: School Library System/IRC

Audience: School librarians and other library staff

Dates: 10/15/2019

Getting back to the basics of library with book repair, age appropriate student engagement activities, online streaming tools from access to student navigation, round table of problems and solutions unique to library and Horizon Help: the basics and beyond.

8. Regional PLC for Instructional Coaches, Curriculum Coaches, and Teacher Leaders

Program: Leadership Training

Audience: Instructional Coaches, Curriculum Coaches, and Lead Teachers

Dates: 10/29/2019

This PLC will focus on developing the capacity of instructional leaders. It is designed to create a collaborative think tank to cultivate a coaching network, build coaching and content expertise, and create shared resources to take back to districts.