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1. LGTC: Intro to Edpuzzle

Program: Lansing Groton Teacher Center

Audience: PK-12 Teachers, Support Staff and Admin

Dates: 8/12/2021 to 10/15/2021

This fully asynchronous course created by Madelyn Lombardo, LCSD ES Teacher Librarian is offered as an introduction to Edpuzzle, a platform used to create interactive video lessons which can be integrated into your current Learning Management System. During this PD, participants will learn how to get started in their Edpuzzle Pro account, how to search and find videos, how to embed questions, how to edit and assign videos, and an overview of live mode and integrations. Please note, the start time is just a placeholder, as the course can be completed at any time over the next 8 weeks. ***Each participant will receive 2 CTLE hours. There is no cost to enroll, however, there is not a PD stipend to accompany these hours. For questions, please contact Rhody O'Donnell, This learning opportunity is brought to you by the Lansing Groton Teacher Center in partnership with the Lansing Central School District.

2. TCBC- Become a Substitute with Substance!

Program: Teacher Center of Broome County

Audience: All Interested in Substitute Teaching

Dates: 10/6/2021 to 1/26/2022

In this 3 part series, participants will gain a better understanding of a substitute teacher's role and responsibilities. Topics will include effective classroom management, teaching strategies, and guidelines to help you promote student success in whatever classroom you are called to cover. Time will be given for answering questions based on participants' substitute teaching experiences.

3. Online Engagement with Nearpod

Program: Teacher Center of Broome County

Dates: 5/23/2022

Are you working with students online and you are trying to use some new strategies to engage then in class? Take this two hour session to see what teachers are doing across the country to engage their students online previous to the pandemic and during this pandemic time through Nearpod.

4. Digital Escape Rooms

Program: Teacher Center of Broome County

Audience: Grades 3-8 teachers, Educational Professionals

Dates: 5/24/2022

Come learn how to put together a digital escape room to help your students review topics/content across all curriculums, work on their problem solving skills, and learn how to communicate and collaborate with one another. These can be tailored across different grade levels and specialty/encore teaching areas

5. Kahoot and Quizizz & Formative Assessment

Program: Teacher Center of Broome County

Audience: All k-12 teachers and related Professionals

Dates: 5/25/2022

Would you like to create more quick assessment opportunities for students? Learn the basics of Kahoot and Quizizz and find out more about new features of the tools that you can use in the classroom.

6. No Tech? No Problem

Program: Teacher Center of Broome County

Audience: K-8 Teachers, Professional Educators

Dates: 6/6/2022

Have little or no technology in your classroom? that is no problem with these activities we can still help your students learn computer science/digital fluency topics. Even have your littles start to code? Come and see what kinds of activities you can start with your students.

7. Flipped Classroom with EdPuzzle

Program: Teacher Center of Broome County

Audience: K-12 Teachers

Dates: 6/8/2022

Would you like to be able to provide more class time for experimentation and connection with students? Come to this workshop where you can learn the basics of EdPuzzle and learn how to break up your own videos or other videos to promote understanding of content. This session will be facilitated by a certified EdPuzzle Coach.

8. Khan Academy-Make it work for you

Program: Teacher Center of Broome County

Audience: K-12 Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Librarians

Dates: 6/13/2022

Would you like to use a different type of classwork and/or homework with your students? Khan Academy has a wealth of video and question resources for students to use for classwork and/or homework. Learn how to track students with Khan Academy and learn how it has been effective with students in math Classrooms.

9. CCTC- Science Notebooks in Student Centered Classrooms

Program: Cortland County Teacher Center

Audience: K-12 Teachers, Science Teachers

Dates: 6/21/2022 to 6/30/2022

This practical guide shows how notebooks can become a tangible record of emerging understanding of and proficiency in science. Students can use their notebooks to pose questions, write down observations, work through puzzling data, or think through new ideas. You can use them to ascertain each student's strengths and challenges in participating in the academic work of science. This book study offers: - Specific guidance on how to start using notebooks-or improve what you already do. Find out how to help students learn to organize information while also preserving their own voices and choices. - Advice on the best ways to use notebooks. Explore lessons, instructional routines, and assessment techniques that pair well with science notebooks. - Practical techniques. Discover how to use notebooks to assess student work and plan future lessons even as you integrate language arts and mathematics into your science class. - Blackline masters you can use at your discretion. These are provided in the appendix for organizational elements (such as a table of contents) and instruction (graphic organizers). Throughout, the book's approach aligns with the vision in A Framework for K1/412 Science Education, the Next Generation Science Standards, and current research about notebooks. You can be sure the strategies in this book really work because author Jessica Fries-Gaither is a veteran teacher who has personally tested every technique. A book will be provided by the Cortland County Teacher Center.

10. CRTC- Onward- Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Education Asychronous Book Study

Program: Catskill Regional Teacher Center

Audience: Teachers

Dates: On-Going (Ends Jul 6, 2022)

"Resilience in teachers is key for creating quality classrooms and schools. The opportunity for becoming resilient originates in how an educator makes sense of irritants, interruptions, and unexpected events because interpretation dictates action. By Cultivating resilience, teachers can fulfill the intentions that brought them into the teaching profession. Onward is a practical resource for cultivating reliance in educators that is based on the author's research in emotional resilience, psychology, systems thinking, and change management sand on ten years of testing in schools and offices." Copies of this book are available and can be sent to you via BOCES courier. The corresponding workbook is available for interested teachers upon the completion of the course. Teachers are welcome to start at any time but should complete the course by Sept 1st. This class will be conducted using Google classroom

11. LCSD Book Study: Grading for Equity by Joe Feldman

Program: Lansing Groton Teacher Center

Audience: PK-12 teachers

Dates: 7/12/2022 to 8/9/2022

As Joe Feldman points out, "Grades are the main criteria in nearly every decision that schools make about students," from placement in advanced courses to eligibility for extracurriculars. Beyond k-12 education, students' grades can impact their college acceptance and access to scholarships. In short: Grades are important. But how do we ensure that the grades we assign truly and equitably reflect our students' learning?

This book study will take a critical look at traditional grading practices that have led to disproportionately negative outcomes for some student groups, as well as at new practices that promote equity for all learners. Participants will finish up the study with an actionable plan for grading in the 2022-2023 school year.

12. CCTC- Onward Monthly Book Club 2022-2023

Program: Cortland County Teacher Center

Audience: All educators

Dates: 8/18/2022 to 7/23/2023

This book club will get together for live online meetings once a month while using an online classroom to engage with one another throughout the year. Participants will receive two books, Onward and the Onward Workbook. The Onward Book Club offers a year of monthly book club discussions for educators, coaches, and leaders to grow your resilience in a supportive community. Based on the 12-month curriculum in the book Onward and The Onward Workbook, the book club will provide strategies and practices to help you deepen your resilience. With practical, informative, inspirational and relevant activities and guidance, Onward is grounded in science, social science, and psychology, and peppered with Elena's personal narratives, this book will undoubtedly change the way we think about emotions, stress, and our purpose as educators. The book focuses on the 12 habits that cultivate resilience, and their correlating dispositions, and provides a roadmap for how to feel more effective, more fulfilled, and happier at work. This is book study targeted toward your personal growth and how that positively impacts your classroom, role, and/or leadership -- there will not be any activities or discussion based on students or activities you can do with your students, but instead, how you can grow as an individual.

13. LGTC: Mentor Training 2022-2023 School Year

Program: Lansing Groton Teacher Center

Dates: 8/23/2022

This training is for LCSD teachers who wish to be trained for future mentoring opportunities. During this training, teachers will discuss the needs of their interns, establish routines, and discuss the roles of coaching, collaborating, and consulting. We will also discuss best practices for keeping track of mentoring hours. For questions, please contact Rhody O'Donnell -

14. CRTC - Action Research

Program: Catskill Regional Teacher Center

Audience: Active Classrom Teachers

Dates: On-Going (Ends Sep 27, 2022)

What is Action Research?

Action Research projects originate in the classroom and are based on real and relevant classroom concerns. It is a systematic inquiry including gathering information related to an identified classroom problem to gain insight, developing practices to deal with the problem and effecting a change to produce positive results.

Action Research engages teachers in a four-step process, namely to:
Identify an area of focus
Collect data
Analyze and interpret data
Develop a plan of action

Why do it?

A review of recent literature about action research provides the following rationale for action research:
Everybody needs professional growth opportunities
Action research encourages teachers to be continuous learners
Provides teachers with an opportunity to assume responsibility for their own professional growth
People need and want information related to successful teaching and their own performance
Collaboration enriches professional development
There is a gap that continues to exist between research and practice in the field of education. Action research informs teaching and is persuasive because teachers are invested in the legitimacy of the process and the possible impact of interventions derived from action research on student outcomes. In doing action research, teachers have developed solutions to their problems emphasizing their expertise in the classroom. They become more reflective about their instruction and assume responsibility for developing their own knowledge and understanding rather than relying on an expert of authority figure.

Who Does Action Research?
The Action Research Project brings together a person knowledgeable about research and classroom teachers in the application of research to issues, problems, and questions in a classroom.

15. CRTC- Schoharie County ACEs Team 6th Annual Conference

Program: Catskill Regional Teacher Center

Audience: Teachers, community members, early childhood providers, social workers and mental health advocates

Dates: On-Going (Ends Oct 19, 2022)

Schoharie County with Safe Harbour presents "Building Resilience from Trauma". 3 Tentative Schedule is as follows 9:00- Panel discussion 10-11:30 with Amy Cunningham Developing a Self-Care Plan to support Resiliency. 12:00-2:00 Dawn Daum shares her personal story of how she was trafficked 3:00-4:00 Devereux Center for Resilient Children- Building Resilience and Healing from Trauma in an Early Childhood Setting