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1. NATIONAL BOARD JUMP START Program 30 hours 2 In-Service Credits

Program: Inservice Courses

Audience: Certified Teachers applying for National Board Certification

Dates: 7/23/2018 to 7/26/2018

Starting Soon
Jump Start is intended to start people with the process of attaining National Board Certification. You will began your work on the standards and components of your certification. Jump Start is designed to provide intensive training to candidates on how to be successful in each component of the NBC process. Jump Start offers a session on each of the components of NBC as well as a session on the foundations of candidacy. During these sessions, candidates receive tips on completing the National Board Certification process from National Board Certified teachers. Jump Start is early support for those who have registered as candidates with the National Board and have selected their certificate area. It is the first piece in a continuum of professional learning; one that ideally includes year-long candidate support. Jump Start’s core beliefs and structure dovetail with the philosophy behind the National Board’s Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) materials. Jump Start is candidate centered, builds a professional learning community, and focuses on the skills, knowledge, dispositions, and strategies needed to be successful in the National Board Certification process. First participants have to apply for a National Board component. Then,participants should apply for an Albert Shanker Grant through NYSED. Participants should apply for Shanker ASAP as it was posted July 2 and the funds are depleted quickly. Here is the link: The course costs may be reimbursable through your home districts. Further information as to how this is accomplished will be furnished through the Jump Start Program.

2. DASA TRAINING (Dignity for All Students Act)

Program: Professional Development Workshops

Audience: Employees changing or adding new certifications

Dates: 8/7/2018

DASA Training provided by the Peconic Teacher Center The Dignity for All Students Act requires all newly certified (December, 2013 and after) educators to undergo a minimum of 6 hours of training by a NYS certified provider. The Peconic Teacher Center is offering a 6-hour Saturday workshop for all Consortium teachers who are required to take the training. Ms. Nancy Wicker, a certified DASA trainer, will be conducting the workshop.

3. EDL503 SCHOOL LEADERSHIP PRACTICE ( prerequisite, EDL501)

Program: Graduate Courses

Dates: 9/13/2018 to 11/15/2018

Educational Leadership Program prepares educators for advancement to administrative positions at both the District (SDL) and Building (SBL) levels. The program is 36 credits in length. EDL503 Will meet Thursdays, beginning September 13 at the Peconic Teacher Center beginning at 4:30 p.m. Registration must be done through STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY application process. Contact Dr. Craig Markson for the registration process information. In addition, register in Peconic Teacher Center MyLearningPlan. Payment per three (3) credits $1,152 payable to the Peconic Teacher Center, 141 Narrow Lane, Southampton, NY 11968 by September 7, 2018. NOTE: Tuition is governed by SUNY. This rate might change if SUNY raises tuition rates.