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Program: Inservice Courses

Audience: Educators

Dates: 8/17/2020

Course Description Extensions are installed in the Google Chrome browser and give you added features and abilities for customization. Add-ons are customized extensions of G Suite applications such as Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Forms. Add-ons can add new capabilities to the G Suite applications they extend and help automate tasks. This course will explore a variety of Extensions and Add ons that give added functionality, enhance student engagement, and increase productivity in the classroom. In all three parts, participants will be assigned presentations, assignments, and reflection questions. Participants will meet online and the course will be completed at their own pace. Participants who are taking all 3 parts, will have the ability to continue through part 2 and part 3 at their own pace. Google Classroom will be utilized as the delivery platform. Course Objectives: ● Explore various tools in the G Suite for Education to build a technology toolbox. ● Explore tips and tricks for creativity, communication, collaboration, and assessment. ● Construct digital learning activities that will allow students to become more engaged in the curriculum. NOTE: IF TAKING ALL THREE PARTS; PART 3 ONLY $75 (Total for all three parts $300)