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Program: Professional Development Workshops

Audience: Educators/Coaches

Dates: 2/29/2020

Certification Requirement
Starting Soon
The Dignity for All Students Act requires all newly certified (December, 2013 and after) educators to undergo a minimum of 6 hours of training by a NYS certified provider. The Peconic Teacher Center is offering a 6-hour workshop for all Consortium teachers who are required to take the training. Ms. Nancy Wicker, a certified DASA trainer, will be conducting the workshop.

2. EDL/CEQ572 SCHOOL PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT (45 Hours - 3 Graduate Credits)

Program: Graduate Courses

Dates: 3/26/2020 to 6/11/2020

Graduate Cohort
This course examines the nature, scope, and organization of the personnel functions and will look at the planning process, collective bargaining (negotiations and contract administration), personnel recruitment (selection induction, and development), effective work performance appraisal, compensation, and job security issues. An examination of the Federal and State laws and regulations that govern district personnel operations will be included. Payment of $1,152 to Peconic Teacher Center by March 18, 2020.


Program: Inservice Courses

Audience: Teachers

Dates: 4/29/2020 to 5/29/2020

Hybrid Course Online and two face to face meetings
What are Restorative Circles? Schools around the country use restorative practices to strengthen school climate, respond constructively to conflict and incidents of harm, and reduce reliance on suspensions and other punitive approaches to discipline. Community Building Circles are a foundational practice that utilizes a highly structured and intentional process to promote classroom or school climate and implement social-emotional learning. Research shows that Restorative Circles help students: Feel more connected to each other and the school community Foster peaceful learning classroom environments Support social emotional development In this 15-hour hybrid professional development course, 6 hours face-to-face, and 9 asynchronous hours online, participants will engage in a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity. They will gain the skills needed to become confident circle keepers in their classroom and school communities. Participants will learn: Basic principles and values of restorative justice and how they relate to restorative circles Circle design and facilitation practices that promote a sense of community, honest sharing, and deeper listening. Class dates: April 29- May 29, 2020 Face to face dates: April 29th and May 6th 4:00-7:00 pm Where: Peconic Teacher Center To register, please go to the following Mylearningplan link: If you are new to Mylearningplan, create a user name and password. In-service Credit $125.00 Audit or CTLE hours $40.00 Payment is made to Peconic Teacher Center, 141 Narrow Lane, Southampton, NY 11968