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1. Online Course: We Have Gone 1:1...Now What?

Program: Instructional Technology

Audience: Classroom Teachers

Dates: 3/26/2018 to 5/11/2018

NewStarting Soon
Many districts in the area, and around the country, are purchasing low price devices for each student in the district in an effort to prepare them for the world we live in. This is a new trend in education, many districts are "building the plane as it flies" since there is very little best practice for what a successful 1:1 program looks like. In this online course, we will examine how 1:1 works, classroom management strategies, digital citizenship, digital workflow, instruction and student projects. This course will be done entirely online using Google Classroom and a Google Site. This course will require around 2 hours a week for 6 weeks.

2. TALKS :Planning Innovative Learning Spaces with Ashley McGraw and Westhill CSD

Program: Instructional Technology

Audience: Teachers and District Leaders

Dates: 4/18/2018

Over this series, we will have explored the philosophy around innovative learning spaces and seen them in action at Pine Grove Middle School. Now that you are familiar with the concept and are ready to jump in, what comes next? Maybe your district is planning a large capital project, and you want to make sure that it is done with learning in mind. Or you want to see what it would take to update traditional classrooms without a large project. Regardless of your situation creating an educational space that focuses on learning in the 21st century, there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into the process. Join us in the spring, we will have the opportunity to visit and meet at the Ashley McGraw offices to and they will walk us through the process Westhill went through on their current capital project renovation.