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1. Recruitment and Retention: The Keys to Success

Program: Upstate PDRC

Audience: New York State Religious and Independent School Administrators, School Leaders and any School Staff connected to recruitment and retention processes.

Dates: 6/28/2021 to 6/29/2021

As admissions professionals, our roles are a catch-all of responsibilities. We are responsible for recruitment, marketing, event planning, and much more. These "working” sessions will be a combination of presentation, sharing of strategies, pitfalls and successes, and opportunities to learn together. Xiomara Hall, Director of Enrollment Management and Middle and Upper School Admissions for the Chapin School in New York City provides two sessions this summer of professional development on the keys of success to recruitment and retention for independent and religious schools in New York State. Xiomara brings 20 years of experience in education across all levels from nursery to higher education. She brings a wealth of "on the ground” best practices and practical tips for schools during these challenging times to increase retention, improve recruitment practices, and implement targeted marketing strategies. Key concepts and takeaways that will be discussed include: Retention 101 - Strategic Thinking; We're all in this together - Faculty, Staff, and Parents as part of the Enrollment Team; Survey Says - Asking the Right People the Right Questions; Analyze This (Case Studies) - What's working and what isn't. Participants should come prepared to "workshop” an event or initiative currently being used/in development at their school. These sessions are appropriate for school leaders and any school staff connected to recruitment and retention processes.

2. Leaders Supporting Struggling Teachers Through Instructional Coaching

Program: Upstate PDRC

Audience: Religious and Independent School Leaders and Teacher Leaders in New York State

Dates: 7/12/2021 to 7/16/2021

This series is designed for administrators who currently have or have had struggling teachers and are not sure where to start to offer support. Throughout this week-long series, we will explore how to identify what skills a teacher needs for support, learn strategies for approach, and build shared ownership for learning through a focused learning cycles to build teacher efficacy. We will identify the role of the administrator and the teacher in this learning process for growth. We will draw on resources from instructional coaching, adaptive leadership, identifying the difference between a teacher's skill and will, and effective ways to give a teacher feedback, to name a few. More detailed learning targets will be provided for each day closer to the series dates.

3. Creating a Student-Centered Classroom - Introduction to the Basics for New and Novice Teachers

Program: Upstate PDRC

Audience: Religious or Independent School Teachers of New York State in their first two years of teaching (or those who feel like they're still in the early stages of their career), who've had little or no formal preparation.

Dates: 7/26/2021 to 7/30/2021

You've got the keys to the classroom and your student roster. Now what? This series is designed for beginning teachers who have limited preparation or those who would like a refresher on the foundational aspects of creating student centered classrooms where all students can succeed. We will explore how to manage the classroom environment; design and deliver engaging high-quality instruction; and embed assessments to ensure success for your students (and you!). Each interactive session will distill the overwhelming body of pedagogical knowledge into the very basics of best practice to help you begin the new year confidently. Participants will have opportunities to reflect on current practice and meet other novice teachers to share success, challenges, questions, and resources in a collegial learning community.

4. Formative Assessment: Exploring Critical Elements

Program: Upstate PDRC

Audience: Religious and Independent School Leaders and Educators of New York State

Dates: 8/2/2021 to 8/6/2021

In this Summer Academy, we will explore critical elements of developing and embedding formative assessment practices throughout daily instruction. Participants will explore core topics such as: How can we plan to effectively collect and use evidence of learning that aligns with our learning goals for instruction? How can we strategically design our questioning to support high levels of student cognition? How can we provide feedback that helps learners develop independent success? How can we use self and peer feedback reflection tools to support student growth and goal setting? How can we create a culture of assessment within our classrooms that embraces mistakes, supports students to take risks and take ownership of their learning?

5. Creating Student Centered Classrooms: A Whole Child Approach for New and Experienced Teachers

Program: Upstate PDRC

Audience: Religious and Independent School Leaders and Educators of New York State

Dates: 8/9/2021 to 8/13/2021

In this Summer Academy, we will explore how teaching and learning are integrated through classroom culture. Throughout this week, we will ask: who are our students, and what conditions do they need to learn effectively? What are some of the barriers to learning, and how does a teacher remove those barriers? How do we engage with diversity, equity and inclusion through our teaching methods? How can a teacher actively and positively transform the climate and culture of the classroom? When is it important to move from "sage on the stage" to "guide on the side", and how can we flexibly move between both?