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1. Mindful Eating

Program: West Genesee Adult Ed

Dates: 1/27/2020 to 2/3/2020

Mindful Eating: Fad diets and so-called "yo-yo" dieting have become the norm for many people. Mindful eating takes a different approach to help people get off the rollercoaster of dieting and form a healthier relationship with food and their body. In this two-part workshop, registered Dietitian Kristen Davis will discuss the principles of mindful eating and teach participants strategies to help them start nourishing their bodies in a healthy way. 2 classes.

2. 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course - Feb. 1

Program: West Genesee Adult Ed

Dates: 2/1/2020

Mandatory for all new student drivers! This class is offered once a month for high school students and is required for all new permit holders who hope to become licensed drivers. Class content includes defensive driving, traffic safety, rules of the road, and alcohol awareness. Choose the best date and pre-register with Adult Education. Please bring your driver's permit. This class takes a quick break for lunch, so we encourage students to bring a lunch. DMV-approved course! 1 class.

3. Clean Eating: An Introduction

Program: West Genesee Adult Ed

Dates: 2/10/2020

Are you interested in a healthier way of eating, but are not sure where to start? Simple ways to introduce more whole foods to your daily diet and fewer processed foods, what to look for on a food label, myths and facts about added sugar and sodium will be discussed. You will be provided with simple recipes for cleaner eating. 1 class.