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WRPC TRAN-01 SPP Indicator 13 by invitation only CTLE #23011

Program: Regional Partnership Center (RSE-TASC)

Audience: Special Education Teachers, Related Service Providers, School Psychologists, CSE Chairpersons, and Special Education Directors

Dates: 10/13/2020 to 6/1/2021

CTLE Certificate available June 1 2021
Transition services must be included on a student's IEP beginning no later than the school year in which the student turns 15, and updated annually. There are several critical components of the IEP in which transition considerations must be noted and actions should be planned. Every 6 years, school districts must conduct IEP self-reviews to determine compliance with the SPP Indicator 13 protocol. This training provides an overview of the Transition planning process, key components of an Indicator 13 self-review as well the process and protocols required by State Performance Plan Indicator 13. Learning outcomes include: 1. Understand transition planning process to improve students' postsecondary outcomes 2. Identify required components within Indicator 13 3. Implement key components needed to write measurable postsecondary goals 4. Develop IEPs compliant with Indicator 13 self-review protocol 5. Ensure that participants have the corresponding supporting documents and resources necessary for the training PLEASE NOTE CTLE CERTIFICATE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 1, 2021