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1. Instructional Coaching Series

Program: Professional Development

Audience: PK-12 Instructional Coaches (Literacy Coaches, Math Coaches, Personalized Learning Coaches, Technology Coaches….all are welcome!)

Dates: 10/2/2019 to 3/27/2020

With the increasing demands being placed on teachers and administrators, many schools have looked to create new structures of support. Instructional Coaching is a model in which teachers are asked to step out of the classroom to provide targeted support, ideas, and resources to their colleagues. This workshop is designed to provide support for Instructional Coaches in order to maximize their time and impact.

During this four day series, Coaches will be asked to review a variety of resources around the impact of instructional coaching and how to maximize time with teachers. Collaborative conversations will be encouraged so that Coaches have a safe environment in which to share both peak moments and pitfalls. An opportunity will also be given for participants to set a personal goal around their role as a coach and take a deep dive into how to become stronger and more confident in their craft. Ultimately, the series will be designed based on the needs of the participants as they progress throughout the school year.

2. ELA K-12 Cohort Collaboration

Program: Professional Development

Audience: K-12 Teachers, Teacher Leaders, Instructional Coaches, and Department Chairs

Dates: 10/29/2019 to 3/17/2020

3 day series
This forum will offer K-12 teachers and instructional coaches the platform for collaboration to address NYSED updates, curriculum, instruction and best practice for ELA. These sessions will provide participants the opportunity to work together to examine the Next Generation standards and determine how closely student writing tasks are aligned. The needs of the group will drive every agenda, and the participants will be encouraged to present their expertise to the group. Participants will be armed with updates and knowledge of current researched practices that will be shared back in the districts.

Please bring a laptop, earbuds and an upcoming unit.