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1. The Consortium on Trauma, Illness and Grief in Schools (TIG) Core Curriculum Training

Program: Professional Development

Dates: 9/17/2019 to 12/3/2019

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From Trauma to Healing; Building a Trauma Sensitive Approach to Service Delivery

There is a growing awareness that trauma is pervasive and that the impact of trauma is often deep and life shaping. Trauma and toxi stress are often at the center of a person's mental health challenges, substance use, physical health issues and/or involvement with the justice system. This means, whether or not it is fully recognized, staff at our school districts are working with survivors of trauma.

Creating a trauma-informed system requires not only understanding the impact of trauma, but implementing changes in the service delivery that align with the five core principles of trauma-centered safety: safety, trust, choice, collaboration and empowerment.

This consultation proposal aims to support staff through increasing their knowledge and capacity around the essential elements of a trauma-informed system and how that understanding can be applied to their daily practice and organizational culture.

Day 1: Grief and Loss; Trauma
Day 2: Suicide Prevention and Intervention; Chronic and Acute Illness
Day 3: School Violence and Threat Assessment; Infrastructure Development and the Back-Up Support Network
Days 4-5: Group Crisis Response Skills (Critical Incident Stress Management)

Please Note: December 17, 2019 will be used as a make-up date in case any of the above dates need to be canceled (by either the instructor or W-FL BOCES) due to unforeseen circumstances.

2. TIG CISM Group Crisis Response Skills - Refresher

Program: Professional Development

Audience: Attendees must be TIG certified

Dates: 12/9/2019

Participants will review and practice Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) group crisis response skills including: Crisis Management Briefing, Defusing, and CISM Debriefing. All participants must have completed the 5 day Trauma, Illness & Grief (TIG) Training or have certification in other ICISF sponsored training.