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SEL and Racial Equity Media Study

Program: Curriculum Instruction and Prof Dev

Audience: Teachers, Related Service Providers, School Leaders

Dates: 10/18/2022 to 5/16/2023

Our SEL and Racial Equity Media Study is an 8-part virtual series dedicated to deepening participants' understanding of racial equity on an interpersonal, cultural, and systemic level. Tailored to the needs, interests, and challenges of participants, this course is an intimate growth space where learners can receive support catered to their journey as a group and individuals. While true SEL must be antiracist and equitable, too often resources have been developed through a single, limited lens. Refracting that perspective - re-defining our understanding of social emotional learning as anti-racist (and anti all systems of oppression), open-hearted, and curious - is a critical step in transforming learning spaces for all children and youth. This series will push participants to understand the prevalence and aggression of racism, white supremacy, and systemic oppression within our society, education systems, and non-profit structures. Pulling from a variety of media (articles, videos, and podcasts), this learner-driven series will feature guided discussion from Children's Institute staff. We encourage full attendance in the series, but sessions will stand alone in order to accommodate busy schedules. Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00 pm, via Zoom:
• October 18, 2022
• November 15, 2022
• December 20, 2022
• January 17, 2023
• February 28, 2023
• March 21, 2023
• April 18, 2023
• May 16, 2023