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In-Person - 4:00-6:00 PM - This training provides the latest research and best practices regarding remediating and supporting students with ADHD and Executive Function weaknesses. Participants will gain skills, strategies, and techniques to support students in need at the Point of Performance while balancing the needs of all students in the classroom in age-appropriate ways. Workshop Objectives:

• Discover eight executive function skills and their impact on learning, motivation, and behavior.

• Develop an understanding, the importance, and the consequences of the relationship between ADHD and executive function skill development.

• Learn strategies for engaging and maintaining students' attention and active participation and increase students' performance in structured activities and open learning times.

• Examine how to reduce students' stress levels to perform better and meet greater expectations.

2. NYC 1980s - A Trip Back in Time - In-Person - L. Lynch

Program: Professional Development

Audience: All educators and pre-service teachers

Dates: 5/9/2024

This program will invite teachers to explore works on view, including the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, through the lens of the economic, social and cultural environment of 1980s NYC. Guest-curated by Christopher Pusey, former partner of Chase Contemporary and Dorian Grey Gallery, the installation will include period photography, sculpture and important works of art from some the most noted and influential artists during this pivotal time in art history. The scope of the exhibition will feature artists who were based in the downtown area of New York City known as Loisaida/LES (Lower East /East Village) who tested the limits of current contemporary art trends. Many works on display will be from artists who were considered pioneers in the advent of street art painting, performance art and film. The museum installation will also provide patrons specific immersion experiences in a few select exhibition rooms.

3. Digital Escape Rooms for Anyone - Online Webinar - L. Lavelle & M. Davola

Program: Professional Development

Audience: Teachers and Support Staff

Dates: 5/15/2024

This webinar offers a straightforward introduction to incorporating digital escape rooms into your curriculum. Discover how to seamlessly integrate this engaging resource into your teaching with a few simple steps. Join us to expand your teaching toolkit!

4. Find Your Well-being in Mindfulness - Online Webinar - L. Campbell

Program: Professional Development

Audience: Teachers and Support Staff

Dates: 5/30/2024

Today's fast-moving world challenges us in many ways. In order to maintain a healthy mind and body, we need to enhance and deepen our well-being strategies. In this time together, we will introduce several mindful practices and simple ways to implement them daily. Mindfulness studies are have been proven to help our mind to overcome many anxious thought patterns and behaviors. Join us for special workshop on your well-being.

5. Mastering Canva for Educators 2.0 - Online Only - J. Laurino - SUMMER COURSE

Program: Online In-service Courses

Audience: Educators

Dates: 7/1/2024 to 8/9/2024

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In the digital age of education, the ability to create visually appealing and engaging learning materials is essential for effective teaching. "Mastering Canva for Educators" is an asynchronous online course designed specifically for teachers seeking to enhance their design skills and create captivating educational content using Canva, a user-friendly graphic design platform. Throughout this comprehensive course, educators will embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of Canva, from mastering basic tools to harnessing the innovative features of Canva Magic Studio. Each week, participants will take a deep dive into a new aspect of Canva's capabilities and engage in hands-on activities tailored to the needs of educators. A highlight of the course is the exploration of Canva Magic Studio, an AI advanced feature that allows educators to personalize and animate their designs effortlessly. Participants will discover how to integrate Canva seamlessly with other tools and learning management systems, enhancing their ability to create and deliver dynamic educational experiences.