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1. Online: Teaching and Using Storytelling in the Classroom (2/28/23-3/31/23)

Location: Online (online, ny)

Dates: 2/28/2023 to 3/31/2023

Storytelling is an art form which allows people of all ages to connect. Using stories in any classroom will improve student learning by increasing listening comprehension, expanding language patterns and practicing oral communication skills. Additionally, once students learn to tell stories, their prewriting drafts and factual recall will improve. The NCTE supports storytelling in the curriculum with acknowledgement that students can find a reflection of themselves in stories, and that teachers who value storytelling can learn more about students in a unique way. This 15 hour online course will help teachers find, learn and share a folktale and teach students to do the same. The course will reflect upon the educational importance of storytelling, and provide support and resources to create a lesson plan for classroom use. It is suitable for all content areas, and all grade levels. Required Readings: In addition to 2 educational articles, each participant chooses one folktale to read and retell. Pamela Schembri is school library media specialist with 25 years of teaching experience, a professional storyteller, and children's author. Course dates in Frontline are the beginning and end date. Course is available 24/7.

2. Math Storytelling

Location: Zoom (Zoom, Zo)

Audience: Grades 3-5 Teachers, pre-service teachers, teacher assistants and coaches.

Dates: 3/7/2023 to 3/14/2023

Explore how math-infused stories can stimulate wonder, combat anxiety and energize standards- based mathematics instruction. Create learning intentions so that selected stories can be used to provide visual models and opportunities for all levels of learners to be part of the math conversations in your classroom. Great opportunity for exploring active learning experiences. Participants must attend both sessions to earn CTLE hours.
Songs, or oral storytelling, often reflect cultural values, ethics, and beliefs. In Indigenous cultures, songs are passed down from generation to generation and many are under threat of disappearing. Songs can be stories that honor ancestors and the living world. Many Indigenous songs do not translate directly into another language, a reflection of how the messages are unique and specific to people and place. Participants will explore the connections between songs, culture, and language vitality to increase English language learning in the ENL Classroom. While there are suggested timelines for work completion, this course does NOT require any synchronous sessions so you may plan your time accordingly. All work is due by the end of the last day of the course. You will receive a Rockland Teacher Center gmail account to participate in this course. Participants print their own CTLE certificate. After the following has been completed, 1. The course officially ends: 2. MLP Evaluation is completed 3. Attendance is confirmed by instructor: 4. Once the MLP admin marks the course complete, participants will be able print their CTLE certificate. Please note that initial class information, including your new RTC gmail, will be sent to the email you have registered on Frontline MLP.