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What is talk? And how should it be managed and integrated during the time of Covid 19? This session is designed to provide educators with instructional strategies and resources to promote deeper student engagement in all content areas. All content areas are welcomed, however, majority of the focus will be on middle school and high school students. Access to a laptop and internet are a must. Attendees will learn about creative strategies used to build a successful student/teacher relationship, multiple apps that creatively enforce student engagement and discussion and how to use discussion and talk as a form of assessment. Attendees will complete the course with several instructional strategies that can immediately be incorporated with their students to foster one or more of the following: a successful student/teacher relationship, a safe, vulnerable and critical academic environment and creative assessments. A minimum of 10 is required. This course is part of the Accomplished Teaching Series

Session #1: Using Talk to Build a Successful Teacher/ Student Relationship

Session # 2: Using Selected Technology to Foster Engaging Conversation, Asynchronously and Synchronously

Session # 3: Using Selected Technology to Assess Student Talk