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EDU4440 Electronics and Robotics

Location: North Rockland High School (North Rockland HS, )

Dates: 10/21/2019 to 12/1/2019

An introduction to the study of robotics and industrial automation. This course will provide theoretical and hands-on experience in the areas of design, programming, debugging, set-up, and interfacing of industrial robotic application. It will also be an introduction to the use of drones in education and the FAA regulations that impact the educational and commercial use of drones. This course will provide the basics of flight, the use of coding to control autonomous flight, basic digital photography and cinematography, and the knowledge required to take the FAA Part 107 certification exam to obtain an FAA Remote Pilot license. $1437.30 City Tech fess for NYS Certified teacher residing in NYS includes CITY TECH 3 undergraduate course credits and CITY TECH part time technology fee. Add $267 RTCI fee. A minimum of 15 is required for the course to operate.