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1. Online: Designing Online Instruction

Audience: All

Dates: 5/5/2021 to 6/16/2021

Location: Online

This 15-hour course, Designing Online Instruction, prepares teachers to design online training modules that address unique target audiences. Course participants will be guided through the process of defining goals and objectives aligned to standards; selecting instructional materials; designing activities and assessments; to create a dynamic online learning experience. Participants will learn how to navigate the development tools in a learning management system (LMS) in order to create and evaluate engaging online learning opportunities. At the completion of this course participants will have created a 5-6 hour module of instruction that is dynamic, engaging and goal-driven.

2. Online: Digital Tools to Differentiate Teaching

Audience: All

Dates: 7/7/2021 to 8/18/2021

Location: Online Only

No two students come to class with the same academic abilities, experiences, and needs. However, all students are expected to master the same concepts, principles, skills and standards. "Digital Tools to Differentiate Teaching"is a 15 hour online course designed to acquaint educators with innovative digital tools to aid in the differentiation of instruction, ensuring academic success for all students. Teachers will learn to enhance curriculum with audio, visual, and interactive learning experiences so that all children can achieve success, regardless of their skills, interests, learning styles and readiness. Teachers will preview and practice a variety of free digital tools, determine which resources are most appropriate for select students, and master the skills necessary to integrate those digital resources into standards-based curriculum. By the conclusion of the course teachers will be able to design or upgrade a unit of study with digital tools to address the learning needs of their students. The course dates are the beginning and end date. Course is available 24/7.