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The Gift of Canva for ENL Students and Teachers (7/9/24 - 8/14/24)

Location: Online (online, ny)

Dates: 7/9/2024 to 8/14/2024

Participants will begin with the basics of Canva and how to integrate this empowering tool into teaching. Some learning tasks include: editing a template, changing backgrounds for your design, adding text, images, animations, and creating different types of projects including presentations and infographics. We'll also learn to create materials that enhance an ENL teacher and students' learning experience. The course will continue with participants taking their designs to the next level and use some of Canva's more advanced tools. We will focus on Canva for student use by creating Canva Classrooms to share and assign work including presentations, video activities, and posters. Finally, we will focus on Canva apps with practice on some of Canva's AI Tools. Canva is a key tool for ENL students and the teachers that support them. RTCi/WTCI course