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Location: Greenburgh CSD Mansion (Hartsdale, Ne) - Mansion Board Room

Dates: 9/17/2019 to 6/2/2020

Location: Mansion Board Room


2. Online: Teaching with Poverty in Mind (Offered by the Westchester TC Institute)

Audience: K-12 Teachers, All Content Area

Dates: 1/27/2020 to 2/14/2020

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This online course is open to all and offered at no cost to our consortium members. In this introductory class, we will discuss the social, cognitive, health related and stress-related challenges that economically disadvantaged kids face every day and why there is such a stark disparity in academic achievement between low socioeconomic status students and well-off students. It is designed for teachers who want to learn more about becoming a change agent for students who experience poverty. Throughout the course, we will be using Eric Jensen's book, Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids' Brains and What Schools Can Do About It, to explore ways to improve the academic achievement and life readiness of economically disadvantaged students. At the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of poverty, stress, trauma and best practices to help your students overcome these adversities. WE WILL PURCHASE SUFFICIENT COPIES OF THE ERIC JENSEN BOOK FOR EACH PARTICIPANT BUT IT MUST BE PICKED UP AT THE CENTER PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE CLASS. This summer, the Teacher Center hopes to offer a 30 hour course as a follow up to this class. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

3. Online: English as a New Language: Strategies and Tools for Success (Offered by the Westchester TC Institute)

Audience: K-12 Teachers and Specials

Dates: 2/2/2020 to 3/6/2020

Location: Online only

In this online course, we will closely examine the strategies used to effectively teach English as a New Language (ENL) students. We will focus on best practices including co-teaching, helpful web tools, strategies for classroom teaching, and meaningful classroom talk. We will brainstorm ways to involve parents as we create a welcoming classroom environment for all students. We will explore resources and cross-reference lesson plans and curriculums so that each teacher has customized lesson plans to address individual needs. At the end of the course, you will have a toolkit that will include visual ideas, translation resources, conversation tools and vocabulary resources. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

4. Online: Character Education (Offered by the Westchester TC Institute)

Audience: Teachers in Grades K-12

Dates: 2/3/2020 to 3/6/2020

In this online course, participants will learn how character education provides guidance for youth to understand their abilities, to strive to reach their fullest potential, to care for others and will cultivate positive self-development. You will also explore ways you can foster this development in your classroom or school community. School can encourage this development in and out of the classroom by focusing on intellectual, social, emotional, and ethical character in students. At the conclusion of this course you will design a plan to implement a character development program that focuses on the needs of your students so they have the optimal chance at success. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

5. Online: Bringing More Formative Assessment Into Your Classroom (Offered by the Westchester TC Institute)

Audience: Teachers in Grades K-12

Dates: 2/24/2020 to 3/30/2020

Location: Online only

A teacher's use of formative assessment techniques is essential in ensuring that students are meeting the learning targets for a unit. Incorporating this type of assessment into your daily lessons provides you with evidence that will help guide instruction Formative assessment is nothing new - our teachers were administering formative assessments to us when we were in school many years ago. In today's digital world, we are lucky to have so many more tools to assist us in our formative assessments. Teachers in the class will review the research on formative assessment as well as explore dozens of instructional tools that can be used for formative assessments. Teachers will leave this course with concrete and easy to use examples for embedding more formative assessments into their lessons . PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

6. Online: Finding Your Balance: Strengthening Reading and Writing through Balanced Literacy (Offered by the Westchester TC Institute)

Audience: Classroom teachers, ELA teachers, Reading Specialist, Early Literacy Specialist

Dates: 2/28/2020 to 4/3/2020

Location: Online Only

Through inquiry and the exploration of Reading and Writing, participants will explore the life-long practices of readers and writers in a Balanced Literacy setting. Participants will explore each component of the Balanced Literacy framework and connect their own instructional practice to the framework. Through collaboration and investigation, participants will have the opportunity to explore research around Balanced Literacy and best practices in Reading and Writing. At the conclusion of this course, participants will leave with a knowledge and expertise of Balanced Literacy, instructional practices that can be used instantly in the classroom and a "toolbox" filled with best practices and shared literary experiences that they can embed in their instructional practice. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.