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1. GREENBURGH CSD NEW TEACHER INSTITUTE September 9, 2020 - June 9, 2021

Location: TBA (TBA, NY) - Virtual

Dates: 9/9/2020 to 6/9/2021

Location: Virtual

THIS CLASS IS ONLY OPEN TO NEW TEACHERS IN THE GREENBURGH CSD DATES AND TIMES: 3:30 - 4:30PM September 9, September 30 October 28 November 18 December 16 January 20 February 24 March 24 April 28 May 19 June 9

2. Online: Technology Generation, October 19 - November 30, 2020 (WTCI)

Audience: All

Dates: 10/19/2020 to 11/30/2020

Location: Online Only

Starting Today
In this online course, we will explore the most recent advancements in technology including google classroom tools and how it can be seamlessly integrated into the classroom curriculum. We will create internet rules for students and parents that will serve as a guideline for safe practices as well as design ways to use social media in our teaching that will include interactive sites like Instagram, Twitter, Google Earth and TikTok and how to create Google slides as we focus on flipped learning strategies. Participants will examine Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and create student centered learning experiences that focus on their specific content areas. At the end of the course, teachers will have a number of classroom lesson plans that will make learning engaging and concrete for our students.

3. Online: Anxiety and Stress Management in a School Setting, October 26 -December 7, 2020 (WTCI)

Audience: For all K-12 teachers and school professionals.

Dates: 10/26/2020 to 12/7/2020

Location: Online Only

Anxiety and stress are major factors in the lives of both school professionals and students. Participants will examine the working definition of stress and anxiety, study research findings on the cause of stress, explore its impact upon teaching and learning, and conduct a thorough assessment of stress factors in the classroom. This knowledge will facilitate the application of tools and techniques to identify, prevent, and manage stressors to improve academic success. Participants will have the information they need to identify specific students experiencing debilitating stress and and the tools they need to help the student restore personal equilibrium and enhance their classroom performance. At the end of this course, you will have the resources you need to enhance student performance by minimizing the negative effects of stress and anxiety in the classroom. This course is appropriate for all K-12 teachers and school professionals. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

4. Online: Exploring LGBTQ Literature, November 1 - December 13, 2020 (WTCI)

Audience: Teachers in Grades K-12

Dates: 11/1/2020 to 12/13/2020

Location: Online

Participants in this online course will be asked to read and discuss various pieces of youth literature that features LGBTQ characters or themes. We will spend time identifying ways to incorporate these titles into classrooms or curriculums and developing an understanding of the importance of incorporating LGBTQ friendly literature into our schools. We will explore picture books, non-fiction texts, middle grade novels, graphic novels and YA books. Participants will need to have access to various books either through their school library, public library or virtual libraries. There will be THREE MANDATORY ZOOM MEETINGS which will focus on Literature and strategies. THESE WILL BE ON NOVEMBER 12, NOVEMBER 19 AND DECEMBER 3 from 4:30-5:30 pm. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

5. Online: Engagement and Empathy in the Virtual Classroom, November 9 - December 18, 2020 (WTCI)

Audience: All

Dates: 11/9/2020 to 12/18/2020

Location: Online Only

During these unprecedented times, teachers are being asked to assume the role of Virtual Educator. Since this is, for many, including teachers, students and parents a new way of teaching, it is important to have the requisite tools to effectively engage students. This course will explore how to create virtual groups to host morning meetings and how to teach online in a meaningful way. We will learn about screen overload and social and emotional learning disconnect and how teachers and parents can recognize the signs. We will look at a myriad of google classroom strategies, live zoom and google meet activities and apps that can help teachers and parents support the students. At the end of the course, participants will have numerous strategies, classroom activities and online assessment tools to effectively teach in a remote environment. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

6. Online: Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools, January 4 - February 15, 2021 (WTCI)

Audience: All Educators

Dates: 1/4/2021 to 2/15/2021

Location: Online Only

Many of today's students are living with chronic trauma including homelessness, poverty, child abuse, neglect and exposure to violence in the home and in their communities. These experiences can lead to serious behavioral problems, wreak havoc on their ability to learn, and stunt academic growth. One of the problems educators face is identifying the symptoms of trauma since children don't always express their distress in a way that is easily recognizable. In this online course, we will address the root causes of trauma, specific confusing behaviors children might exhibit and discuss next steps to create a school environment where all students feel safe and can flourish - rather than fail - in and out of the classroom. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

7. Online: Co-Teaching, January 7 - February 18, 2021 (WTCI)

Audience: Educators in Grades K -12

Dates: 1/7/2021 to 2/18/2021

Location: Online Only

In this online course, participants will explore various tools to create an effective co-teaching learning environment, examine and comment on case studies and implement strategies to enhance student learning. We will share ideas on how co-teaching can improve program intensity and increase instructional options. At the conclusion of this class, you will have customized lesson plans that will provide a successful classroom environment for all students. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

8. Online: Exceptional Students and Higher-Level Thinking, January 18 - February 28, 2021 (WTCI)

Audience: Educators in grades K -12

Dates: 1/18/2021 to 2/28/2021

Location: Online

In this course, we will focus on the students that are already meeting and exceeding the standards and are ready to excel. We will also discuss ASCD articles that address the twice-exceptional student - the one that is both a gifted learner while negotiating a learning disorder. Our discussions will include strategies to cultivate the talents of gifted children as well as overcoming obstacles in the regular education classroom. At the end of the course, participants will have specific lesson plans to enhance learning opportunities for the gifted student that will propel them to higher levels of learning. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

9. Online: Conferring with Confidence: The Heart of Effective Reading and Writing Instruction - February 1 - March 15, 2021 (WTCI)

Audience: Classroom teachers, ELA teachers, Reading Specialists, Early Literacy Specialists

Dates: 2/1/2021 to 3/15/2021

Location: Online Only

Through collaboration and inquiry, participants will explore the conferring process and the effect that is has on classroom instruction and student engagement. Participants will work through each step involved in conferring in the classroom with a specific focus on the RIP model. Participants will identify and explore the protocol for effective feedback within an instructional setting. At the conclusion of this course, participants will display a knowledge and expertise of the structure of a conference, implications for classroom implementation and instructional practices that can be used instantly in the classroom and that they can embed in their instructional practice. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

10. Online: Growth Mindset, February 1 - March 15, 2021 (WTCI)

Dates: 2/1/2021 to 3/15/2021

Location: Online Only

In this online course, teachers will focus on building students' growth mindset capacity. Teachers are often aware of the concepts behind mindsets but have not looked at their lessons and teaching techniques in relation to this concept. Teachers in this course will develop methods for reflecting on their current practices and materials in a manner that will assist their students in growing this essential capacity. Present research and best practices will be evaluated and strategies utilized to improve student learning outcomes in the classroom. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

11. Online: Creating Independent Problem Solvers, February 8 - March 22, 2021 (WTCI)

Audience: Educators in grades K - 12

Dates: 2/8/2021 to 3/22/2021

Location: Online Only

Fostering deeper thinking and greater understanding promotes increased engagement in the classroom. In this online course, we will examine question formulation and exploration as key parts of the problem solving process. In the real world, students will not have access to all the information they need to solve problems - they will be required to sort, decipher and gather it themselves. As class participants, you will focus on all curriculum areas and explore the best problem solving practices in math. Authentic challenges will be introduced as we look at problem solving in action and how your students can think and problem solve outside of the textbooks. With the tools you provide them, students will be able to work out solutions to complex problems that will lead to enhanced student learning and increased student engagement. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.
In this online book study, participants will develop their own use of the principles of effective teaching and develop a master teacher mindset through the examination of the best-selling text Never Work Harder Than Your Students by Robyn R Jackson. We will explore how to engage students in the heavy lifting of learning through the use of units of study, lesson plans, assessments, interventions and classroom management. With a focus on the quality of learning and not the quantity of work; teachers will become better equipped to lead their students on a voyage of self-discovery and acquisition of academic knowledge. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have a unit of study, lesson plan, assessment and action plan to help them put the principles into practice immediately and effectively, challenging their students to work hard and think harder. IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS COURSE, PARTICIPANTS MUST PURCHASE A COPY OF THE BOOK ON THEIR OWN PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE CLASS.

13. Online: All Learners - ADD and ADHD, March 8 - April 19, 2021 (WTCI)

Audience: Educators and Professionals in grades K - 12

Dates: 3/8/2021 to 4/19/2021

Location: Online only

This online course, which is open to teachers and other professionals, will include instruction in both the whole class and small group setting for students with ADD/ADHD. We will examine current research and best practices as well as researched based intervention techniques for both academic and behavioral challenges. We will explore the website ADDitude and use the resources on this site to create a teacher guide outlining strategies to enhance student learning. Differentiation, multiple intelligence, and setting long and short term goals will be a focus for the lesson planning segment. The teacher/parent connection will be established as a support system for the student. Strategies such as cooperative learning, organizational skills, and graphic organizers will be shared and applied to various grade levels. We will read and discuss case studies, teacher testimonials and incorporate best practices into our lessons. Each teacher will leave this course with a classroom management plan that includes strategies for successful teaching and learning. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.