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This course is FREE to consortium members. In For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood...and the Rest of Y'all Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education, Christopher Emdin provides a pragmatic approach for all teachers of urban youth, white or not, to enact change in the classroom and advocate for transformation at all levels. The advice in this book applies to anyone teaching students from a cultural background not their own. In this book study, we will discuss Christopher Emdin's Reality Pedagogy and how it applies to all classrooms and schools. We will gain strategies for restructuring classroom and schools to foster deeper student engagement. IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS COURSE, PARTICIPANTS MUST PURCHASE A COPY OF THE BOOK ON THEIR OWN PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE CLASS

2. Professional Development Mentor Program, 9:00am - 3:30 August 27, November and March Dates TBD 4:00pm - 6:00pm (EWTC)

Location: Woodlands HS/MS (Hartsdale, NY) - Room TBD

Audience: Teachers in Grades K-12

Dates: 8/27/2020 to 3/25/2021

Location: Room TBD

Whether you are currently a mentor teacher or would like to serve in this role in the future, this year-long program will provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to become a skilled mentor. We will examine attitudes, skills, and components of a successful program and focus on teacher development, including how to guide, support, and nurture novice teachers. This course is only open to teachers from the Edith Winthrop Teacher Center and the Teacher Center of Central Westchester. In addition to the summer seminar, there will be two follow up meetings, one in the Fall and one in the Spring (dates to be determined at the first session on 8/27) from 4-6pm. There will be an additional 5 hours of course work completed online. YOU MUST BE PRESENT FOR EVERY IN-PERSON SESSION AND COMPLETE ALL ONLINE COURSEWORK IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE FULL CREDIT FOR THIS COURSE.

3. Online: Engagement and Empathy in the Virtual Classroom, September 1 - October 6, 2020 (WTCI)

Audience: All

Dates: 9/1/2020 to 10/6/2020

Location: Online Only

During these unprecedented times, teachers are being asked to assume the role of Virtual Educator. Since this is, for many, including teachers, students and parents a new way of teaching, it is important to have the requisite tools to effectively engage students. This course will explore how to create virtual groups to host morning meetings and how to teach online in a meaningful way. We will learn about screen overload and social and emotional learning disconnect and how teachers and parents can recognize the signs. We will look at a myriad of google classroom strategies, live zoom and google meet activities and apps that can help teachers and parents support the students. At the end of the course, participants will have numerous strategies, classroom activities and online assessment tools to effectively teach in a remote environment. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

4. Online: New York State Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework, September 28 - October 16, 2020 (EWTC)

Audience: K-12 Educators in All Areas

Dates: 9/28/2020 to 10/16/2020

Location: Online Only

This course is FREE to consortium members. "The Culturally Responsive-Sustaining (CR-S) Education Framework helps educators create student-centered learning environments that: affirm racial, linguistic and cultural identities; prepare students for rigor and independent learning, develop students' abilities to connect across lines of difference; elevate historically marginalized voices; and empower students as agents of social change; and contribute to individual student engagement, learning, growth, and achievement through the cultivation of critical thinking." (New York State Education Department) This workshop will introduce this framework to participants and have them think about ways to provide appropriate support and services to educate all students effectively and equitably while promoting positive student outcomes.

5. Online: Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools, October 5 - November 13, 2020 (WTCI)

Audience: All Educators

Dates: 10/5/2020 to 11/13/2020

Location: Online Only

Many of today's students are living with chronic trauma including homelessness, poverty, child abuse, neglect and exposure to violence in the home and in their communities. These experiences can lead to serious behavioral problems, wreak havoc on their ability to learn, and stunt academic growth. One of the problems educators face is identifying the symptoms of trauma since children don't always express their distress in a way that is easily recognizable. In this online course, we will address the root causes of trauma, specific confusing behaviors children might exhibit and discuss next steps to create a school environment where all students feel safe and can flourish - rather than fail - in and out of the classroom. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

6. ONLINE: Social and Emotional Development in the Classroom, October 5 - November 8, 2020 (WTCI)

Audience: K-12 Teachers

Dates: 10/5/2020 to 11/8/2020

Location: Online

Social and emotional learning, when embedded in the classroom (and in the school) curriculum, can have many positive student outcomes. It can reduce aggression and emotional distress among students, can increase collaborative classroom interactions, can improve self confidence and can lead to improved student learning. We will examine the five (5) keys to social emotional learning and look at how it translates to the classroom culture and to classroom management. We will view videos, read articles and explore various strategies that will work with our students. We will focus on self and social awareness, self-management, relationship skills, responsible decision making and how we can apply best practices in our classrooms. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTITUTE CANNOT REFUND A PARTICIPANT ONCE THE CLASS HAS COMMENCED.

7. Online: Technology Generation, October 19 - November 30, 2020 (WTCI)

Audience: All

Dates: 10/19/2020 to 11/30/2020

Location: Online Only

In this online course, we will explore the most recent advancements in technology including google classroom tools and how it can be seamlessly integrated into the classroom curriculum. We will create internet rules for students and parents that will serve as a guideline for safe practices as well as design ways to use social media in our teaching that will include interactive sites like Instagram, Twitter, Google Earth and TikTok and how to create Google slides as we focus on flipped learning strategies. Participants will examine Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and create student centered learning experiences that focus on their specific content areas. At the end of the course, teachers will have a number of classroom lesson plans that will make learning engaging and concrete for our students.