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1. Adjusting Your Mindset: Be Passionate, Be Patient, Be Persistent and Persevere - (1/18/23-3/2/23)

Location: Online (online, ny) - Virtual

Dates: 1/18/2023 to 3/2/2023

Location: Virtual

Throughout this 15 hour online course participants will be provided with the opportunity for independent inquiry, learning in cooperation with others, and reflective practice. Participants will design a toolbox of research-based strategies and competencies that will utilize virtues as a springboard for program design. Additionally, these activities will enhance professional dialogue and effectively blend different, innovative, and practical strategies for program implementation.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will have the tools they need to help their students:

• develop a mindset using integrity and ethics as a framework for social, emotional and academic growth

•navigate through life's challenges in a positive and constructive manner by cultivating a passionate mindset that utilizes zest and optimism

•understand the importance and inter-relatedness of passion, patience, persistence and perseverance in developing a growth mind-set

•contribute to creating a resilient and compassionate school community

Social Work CEUs provided by Rockland BOCES - $25 fee paid directly to Rockland BOCES.

This course will be delivered via google classroom. Registrants will be provided a Rockteach email address to participate. Dates listed are the start and end date

2. Best Practices for ENL: The SIOP Model (1/18/23-3/2/23)

Location: Online (online, ny)

Dates: 1/18/2023 to 3/2/2023

This 15 hour course, which will run through Google Classroom, is designed to prepare educators to teach English New Language students using The SIOP Model. The SIOP Model (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) is a research-based, instructional model that is highly effective in addressing the academic needs of English learners. This course will include an exploration into The SIOP Model components: Lesson Prep, Building Background, Comprehensible Input, Strategies, Interaction, Practice/Application, Lesson Delivery and Review/Evaluation. Participants will learn how the The SIOP Model works and learn strategies to work with students across all content areas. While there are suggested timelines for work completion, this course does NOT require any synchronous sessions so you may plan your course completion time accordingly. All work is due by the end of the last day of the course. You will receive a Rockland Teacher Center gmail account to participate in this course a few days before the start date.

3. Creating Classroom Culture & Community (1/18/23 - 3/2/23)

Location: Online (online, ny)

Dates: 1/18/2023 to 3/2/2023

This 15 hour course has been designed for educators and will provide training and information on how to create an inclusive and thriving classroom culture that is positive and productive for all learners. As educators, we want our students to be successful in the chaotic world outside of our classroom. To develop the skills necessary to succeed in a workplace environment, it is important that we focus on instilling and honing those skills now so that students can thrive after their schooling years. But how do we do this? By creating an environment where students feel safe to make mistakes, take risks, and trust one another and themselves. Participants will be exposed to multimedia resources that will guide them on a journey of self discovery to determine how they can pivot within their current classroom dynamics as well as integrate new, timely and relevant ideas that will empower students to be engaged and motivated while you, the teacher, establish clear and authentic expectations, rules, and procedures. Participants of this course will explore the rationale behind various classroom management strategies, the correlation between classroom community and motivation and engagement, different ways of implementing various connectivity methods, and specific research based practices to successfully carry out culture building activities in your own classroom. If you are ready to transform your classroom teaching and level up this school year for yourself and your students, then this course is for you! This course will be conducted in an asynchronous online setting utilizing Google Classroom as the delivery platform. Participants will work at their own pace to complete the course expectations and assignments. Dates listed are start and end dates.

4. Enhancing Reading Comprehension with Digital Resources (1/18/23 - 3/2/23)

Location: Online (online, ny)

Dates: 1/18/2023 to 3/2/2023

Have you ever read a book... a short story... a poem and been able to see the characters, know the place, or empathize with the protagonist? Many students haven't had such a memorable reading moment. Many of today's students prefer digital media to literature. To motivate students to read, teachers can connect reading with the digital resources students use every day. There is a wealth of digital resources to connect kids with books. This course provides teachers with the resources to merge digital media and literature and consequently, and to enhance reading comprehension skills. This 15 hour online course will be delivered by Google Classroom. Participants will be assigned a rockteach email address to participate.

5. Online: Yogapalooza: Teaching Kids Yoga and Mindfulness with Confidence (1/18/23- 3/3/23)

Location: Online Only (Online, )

Dates: 1/18/2023 to 3/2/2023

This 15 hour course, which includes implementation and practice, will provide the tools to bring engaging kids yoga and mindfulness content into your classroom. Even if you can't touch your toes or don't have a yoga mat, you can be skilled and confident sharing yoga with children. With hours of engaging videos, colorful handouts, accompanying classroom favorites for kids yoga, mindfulness activities and the information on development, safe yoga pose techniques and class planning, this is a complete online training for early childhood teachers who want to incorporate the benefits of yoga and mindfulness into their classroom.

If you're concerned about the emotional toll this world is having on your students (and yourself) this is a magic wand to create calm. This course is self-paced. Instructor Bari Koral is an internationally recognized kids yogi and recording artist with over 20 years of experience working with young children and thousands of educators. Dates listed are the start and end date. The course is available 24/7