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1. Science: How do we analyze data and develop evidence-based claims?

Location: Online Only (Online, )

Dates: 2/14/2023 to 2/16/2023

Participants will be provided with a Google Sheets file of authenticity collected data. Using Google Sheets, participants will analyze the data collected, and they will generate a graph as well as develop an evidence-based claim based on the data and the graphs.

This 3-hour course is delivered asynchronously through Google Classroom. Participants will receive a email address to participate. The dates listed are the start and end dates. Course is available 24/7.

2. NYSSLS and the 3D Standards Alignment

Location: RTC Institute (Stony Point, NY)

Dates: 3/14/2023 to 3/23/2023

In this session, participants will explore all the NYSSLS standards for their grade levels and develop an "3D alignment” worksheet for a single lesson/concept or unit. This session will run 6 asynchronous hours. Dates noted are the start date and end date. All work is due 3/23/23