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1. Screencastify- More than just making videos -Zoom

Location: Online (online, ny)

Dates: 8/10/2021

Starting Soon
So you know how to use Screencastify to make video, but how can you use those videos to help flip your classroom? Learn the different kinds of videos you can make to help engage with students and provide on-demand learning experience. Priority given to RTC member districts.

2. Youth Mental Health First Aid - Virtual

Location: Online (online, ny)

Dates: 8/11/2021


Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) teaches you how to recognize and respond to a young person showing signs of a mental health challenge, disorder or in a crisis and connect them with professional, peer, social or self-help care. Complete the course and get certified as a Youth Mental Health First Aider by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing for three years.

Just like CPR is preparation for an emergency, YMHFA is preparation in case a young person needs help. First Aiders will complete a required 2-hour self - paced online class, and then participate in a 5- hour Instructor-led videoconference. The 2-hour self-paced online class must be completed at least one week prior to the 5- hour training. All materials including a YMHFA manual (over 400 pages), participant processing guide, and self-care template will be included (electronically) in the 2-hour self paced webinar. Once participants complete their self paced webinar, they will receive a zoom invitation to the 5-hour Instructor-led class on Wednesday Aug 11, 2021. The class will start promptly at 9:00 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m. There will be a thirty minute lunch break. Participants will need a desktop or laptop (with audio and a camera) to participate in this class.

The virtual course is offered through a federal grant to Community Synergy. Due to the grant requirements, priority is given to Orange County staff and residents. A minimum of 15 is required for the training to operate.

3. Whole Person Wellness: Reset Your Mindset, Reignite Your Health, Recharge Your Life for School Staff - Zoom

Location: Zoom (Zoom, Zo) - Online/Zoom

Dates: 8/11/2021

Location: Online/Zoom

Wait List
As a person of influence in our classrooms, offices, buildings, and communities, our students, staff and families sync their emotions with what they see and feel from us. We will discuss social/emotional strategies for our own wellness which will ripple out into our entire school community. These tools are useful for adults and youth in managing today's stressors whether at work, school or at home. There will also be an opportunity to participate in a month long self care challenge! Minimum of ten participants to run this course. This training is co-sponsored by the Rockland County School Health and Wellness Coalition.
This 15 hour course will give educators an opportunity to share ideas about teaching special education students in a hybrid environment. It is designed as a study of recent articles about this very challenging topic. More and more, educators are asked to find ways to actively engage students with disabilities - a completely new frontier in education. This course will allow teachers to read about the challenges of hybrid education, as well as suggestions for enhancing it. This 5-week course will have 1-2 articles assigned per week. Teachers will read the articles, write a reflection which will be shared with the other course participants, and then share their own ideas about how they might face this challenge or enhance the particular topic. This course will be delivered via Google Classroom. Participants will receive a rockteach email address to participate. Dates listed are the start and end date.

5. Early Childhood Professional Learning Community (Zoom)

Location: Zoom (Zoom, Zo)

Dates: 9/28/2021 to 5/3/2022

The Lower Hudson Early Childhood Professional Learning Community (PLC) will bring together PreK, Kindergarten, Grade 1 educators and support staff to collaborate, build relationships, and prepare children to develop skills necessary for successful transitions in early childhood. Throughout the year, while exploring various topics centered around educating the WHOLE child, PLC members will build a network for sharing support and resources. Each session will be led by a facilitator well versed on the topic and will provide time for participants to collaborate and share resources. The PLC will have the opportunity to earn seven CTLE hours by completing each one hour session. Participants will also have the opportunity to register for the annual full-day Transitions Conference, to be held in Spring 2022. (Transitions Conference participants can earn an additional six CTLE hours). This PLC is co-sponsored by Nyack Teacher Center And Rockland Teachers' Center

6. Paraprofessionals in the 21st Century - Zoom (SRP)

Location: Zoom (Zoom, Zo)

Dates: 9/29/2021

In this seminar participants will identify the knowledge and skills they bring to their job, understanding the roles and responsibilities of the SRP compared to the classroom teacher, and gain knowledge of legal and ethical standards, including confidentiality. This training is provided by NYSUT ELT (WKS SRPNM1). This training is limited to SRPs.

7. Elementary Math PLC - Zoom

Location: Zoom (Zoom, Zo)

Dates: 9/30/2021 to 4/26/2022

The Elementary Math PLC (15 hours) is designed to connect elementary math educators and offer them a place to explore content and current trends in K-5 mathematics, discuss best practices, and celebrate success stories. Sessions will focus on the commonality of math instruction from grades K-5 with an emphasis on using visual models, common vocabulary, hands-on activities, and new technology to support learning. This collaborative effort will provide an avenue for rich math discussions and shared ideas.

8. Mindfulness and Yoga as a Morning Meeting Technique - Zoom

Location: Zoom (Zoom, Zo)

Dates: 9/30/2021

Join us in an informative session to learn simple mindfulness techniques, calming breathing exercises and physical movements that you can tie into your daily morning routine with your class. The movements you will learn, easily tie into yoga songs and stories. By becoming a calmer and focused you, your students and everyone around you will benefit. Social emotional learning and time to reset and begin the day is extremely important to start the new school year in a positive way!
Participants will explore the definition of mindfulness and how it relates to whole child instruction in the classroom. Scenarios and strategies will be used to introduce techniques that will address trauma and other factors that may lead to stress felt by today's students and/or educators. The seminar's interactive activities will model how these techniques can be implemented in a teacher's practice. The content will be mindful of the diverse learners and backgrounds present in a classroom. Participants will have an opportunity to prepare next steps needed to integrate mindfulness into their daily routines. This training is provided by NYSUT ELT (WKS PROF153 & WKS SRP54).This training is limited to SRPs.
This seminar engages educators in discussing the benefits of having consistent and positive family school partnerships through frequent communication. Family Partnerships to Improve Classroom Behavior focuses on how educators can improve and enhance classroom behaviors and relationships with the students and families they serve. This training is provided by NYSUT ELT(WKS SRP56). This training is limited to SRPs.

11. Increasing Comprehension of ELLs for SRPs - Zoom (SRP)

Location: Zoom (Zoom, Zo)

Dates: 11/17/2021

This seminar will familiarize participants with who our English language learners are and the challenges that they face as they acquire a new language. Participants will have the opportunity to examine how critical culture is and its impact on an English learner's identity as well as explore strategies for making information more comprehensible and accessible to ELLs. This training is provided by NYSUT ELT (WKS SRP31). This training is limited to SRPs.
This seminar provides an overview of discipline disparities, restorative practices and ways to promote positive discipline in schools. RP examines recent data collected on disciplinary trends by the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. Key ideas and components of Restorative Practice are presented. Research and reasons for using restorative practices as an alternative to suspensions and other punitive approaches to misbehavior are explored. This seminar will offer educator's strategies to engage in restorative questioning, dialogue, tier I restorative circles, community building and restorative conversations. This training is provided by NYSUT ELT(WKS SRP55).This training is limited to SRPs.
Closing the achievement gap among all students requires addressing all factors that influence their achievement and behavior including: classroom learning, school climate, and motivation theory. In this seminar participants will learn that a positive educational environment is a major ingredient of eff ective schools. Participants will examine research-based techniques that empower "at risk” students, decrease problem behavior, and improve student achievement in general. When the environment is engaging, the likelihood for success is greatly increased. This training is provided by NYSUT ELT (WKS SRPNM6).This training is limited to SRPs.
Ending the achievement gap between students with and without disabilities requires addressing the essential factors that can influence their success. This three-hour training provides up-to-date information on the clinical and associated features of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Attention will be given to how these features manifest themselves and present unique instructional and learning challenges within educational settings. The seminar provides evidence based, pro-active strategies for helping children and adolescents with ASDs succeed in schools today. This training is provided by NYSUT ELT(WKS SRP12).This training is limited to SRPs.
Increasingly our students experience exposure to multiple or prolonged traumatic events, such as child abuse, neglect, and exposure to domestic violence. This experience directly affects their social and emotional development and negatively impacts their behavior and academic growth in school. It is becoming more common that educators are faced with the challenges of connecting with and educating students who have endured complex trauma. Often the hurt that is felt by the student is placed on the educator and it can manifest in a variety of ways. This seminar will engage participants in understanding the roots of trauma, its prevalence and causes, the characteristics and associated behaviors, as well as learning how to work with traumatized students in a proactive and positive way. This training is provided by NYSUT ELT(WKS SRP45). This training is limited to SRPs.