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1. EDPD 5130.01/Mastering the Teacher Evaluation Process: Effective to Highly Effective Teaching

Location: North Rockland High School (North Rockland HS, )

Dates: 6/2/2021 to 7/21/2021

In the words of Charlotte Danielson, "Teaching is complex work. It's a thinking person's job.” As a result of this course, participants will address and apply the themes of: equitable learning, high expectations, cultural competence, meeting the needs of all learners and student assumption of responsibility. Participants will identify highly effective practices around Danielson's "Framework for Teaching.” We will observe lessons to evaluate the four core areas of: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction and Professional Responsibilities. To become highly effective in the teacher evaluation process, participants will develop teaching strategies to help their students to take ownership of their own learning. Based upon Robert Marzano's The Art and Science of Teaching, participants will design instructional strategies that help students to think more logically, effectively and independently. During input sessions, participants will learn to incorporate a variety of research-based strategies into their lessons. These strategies include: providing and communicating learning goals, using assessments, conducting "deep thinking” lessons, using engagement strategies, implementing rules and procedures, and building relationships. Required Reading: "Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching", by Danielson, Charlotte (2007), ASCD: Alexandria, VA.; "The New Art and Science of Teaching", by Marzano, Robert (2017 Solution Tree, Bloomington, Indiana. If you plan to take this course for graduate credit and do not have a previous account set up with the college, please contact for more information. Final projects and reflections due by July 21, 2021. This hybrid course will meet 25 hours face-to-face and have 12.5 hours asynchronous online. Note that registration with the college will open on TBD.

2. EDPD 5036.01/Restorative Justice: Effective Classroom Management Interventions and Solutions

Location: North Rockland High School (North Rockland HS, )

Dates: 6/3/2021 to 7/29/2021

Based upon the book Better Than Carrots or Sticks by Dominque Smith, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, participants will learn and apply restorative practices for effective classroom management. These practices will assist teachers in not only teaching academic material but also instruct students in matters pertaining to social skills. In line with an educator's mission to educate the whole child, participants will develop strategies to: hold individual conferences with students to address problematic behavior, move beyond the traditional use of rewards and consequences, and ultimately build a strong classroom climate through restorative practices. REQUIRED Readings: "Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management", by Smith Dominique, et al., Alexandria, VA: ASCD. 2015; "All Learning is Social and Emotional: Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for the Classroom and Beyond", Frey, Nancy et al. Alexandria, VA: ASCD. 2019. *Final projects and reflections due online July 29, 2021. (Formerly CMSV - CEGE 645-R01). If you are interested in taking this course for graduate credit please contact Joleen Murray at to set up a college account. Note that registration with the college will open on TBD.