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June 2022 SCDN Meeting

Program: SCDN

Audience: SCDN Members

Dates: 6/2/2022 to 6/3/2022

S/CDN Math Statewide Framework and NYSED Presentation: -Deep Dive into the NYSED Mathematics Resources -Update on Math Statewide Framework Group Voices from the Field -Curriculum That Matters Framework and the criteria for evaluating curriculum and instruction to build equitable learning experiences - South Hampton UFSD Building Equitable Learning Experiences -Review of Building Equitable Learning Experiences: Curriculum Review Workbook and how to use it -Connecting with Colleagues and developing plans for DEI next steps S/CDN Strengthening our Connections -Sharing best practices with our colleagues and developing thought partners for our work for 2022-2023 -JMT discussions on voting members and collaborations NYSED Office of P-12 Instructional Support Updates -Introduction of new Deputy Commissioner -Review of role and NYSED Initiatives District Superintendent Liaisons Updates -DS and committee updates -DS Priority areas for 2022-2023 NYSED Office of Standards and Instruction and Educational Technology Updates -NYSED updates and review of priorities for 2022-23 NYSED Office of Special Education -Review of 2021-2022 initiatives and action items -Update on RPCs and Office of Special Education grants NYSED Office of Cultural Education -Provide updates on new initiatives and resources