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1. MakerSpace, Open Exploration Session - December 2023

Program: SRI&ETTC

Dates: 12/4/2023

Starting Soon
Bring your imagination and creativity! In this exciting and interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discover how schools are integrating "making" into their classrooms and libraries by spending a Makerspace Monday exploring with us. Participants will have the opportunity to make, design, program, and play while exploring the elements that comprise a makerspace. Participants will also learn how to foster innovation and creativity in all curricula, from STEM to the arts to the humanities.

Want to know how to create or expand your own spaces? Are you on a tight budget? This workshop will provide a hands-on, interactive maker's environment for attendees to explore some of the new digital, high tech, and low-tech fabrication tools used in schools. Participants will leave full of ideas for affordable spaces AND curricular connections in all areas: Arts, STEM, Humanities, and Languages.

In these open sessions, participants will have the opportunity to explore whatever ideas meet the needs of their classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to explore:

-Fabrication and the use of Cricut Design Space and the Cricut Maker
-Design Thinking
-Cardboard and More (MakeDo and Rolodex
-3D Printers, 3D Design, 3D Scanning Claymation, green screening, and Digital Storytelling
-Soft Circuits (eTextiles), paper circuits, and Makey Makey
-Little Bits Circuits and Circuit Scribe
-Programming and Hour of Code using Scratch, Tynker, Bitsbox, Bloxels, and more
-Legos and Cubelets modular robots
-Ozobots Bits and Evo, Koov, Vorpal, and Root Programmable Robots
-Finch, Botley, Bluebots Robots, and Lego Mindstorms EV3 and others.
-Meta Quest 2, Google Cardboard, Expeditions, and Virtual Reality in the Classroom ...and much more

Cost: $178.00 or 7 ETTC Hours. For information on membership, call the SRI&ETTC at 609-626-3850.
Discover the possibilities of combining Computer Science and 3D printing in Makerspaces! Join us for an interactive session focused on 3D Printing, where you will engage in a series of hands-on exercises designed to teach you how to create 3D designs. Learn how to use easy-to-use coding software to create functional items, explore the materials commonly used in schools, and master the working and calibration of a 3D Printer to ensure successful prints. You will also learn how to slice objects into G-code that the printer can comprehend. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and resources to integrate computer science standards into 3D printing best practices, enabling you to guide your students in 3D designing and printing. Michelle Wendt, an Instructional Technologist at the SRI&ETTC, will be leading the workshop. This session is ideal for educators working with students in Grades 3-12.

This workshop is part of a grant-funded project, the CS Coastal Hub, and is available at NO COST to attend. When teachers attend programming during the school day, schools will be reimbursed for the cost of substitutes. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Please contact the SRI&ETTC at with any questions.