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Dyslexia I: What We Need to Know, Workshop in the Cloud, September 2023

Program: SRI&ETTC

Dates: 9/29/2023

Starting Soon
This online course can be taken any day/time during the month. For questions contact the SRI&ETTC at 609-626-3850. For school districts looking to register multiple educators contact the SRI&ETTC at 609-626-3850.

This online workshop is intended to provide an overview of Dyslexia.

Dyslexia, the most recognized of reading problems, is a neurological disorder that is often characterized by difficulties in recognizing and decoding words, leading to lower comprehension and fluency. Although there is no exact count, it is estimated that one in ten people may be afflicted with some form of dyslexia.

Governor Christie signed legislation that prominently recognizes dyslexia in state statute and regulation, making it a requirement for districts to deal with this disability. A definition of dyslexia must now be specifically written into special education code and a yearly 2-hour professional development requirement for dyslexia is now mandated for all teachers in grades pre-K through grade 3, special education, reading and ESL teachers, reading specialists, learning disabilities teacher consultants, and speech-language specialists.

This two-hour webinar will provide participating administrators, pre-K to 3 educators, Special Education supervisors, and Child Study Team members with detailed information about this legislation, citing the specificity and requisites that impact the governance and operation of all school districts in New Jersey. The impact that the law will have on special education programs, as well as the specific components that must be included in the required training, will be reviewed during the online course.

Online workshop access will be granted after ETTC Hours approval or payment is received. Please contact the SRI&ETTC at 609-626-3850 regarding this matter.

Course running time: 2 Hours
Cost: $106 OR 4 ETTC Hours. For information on membership, contact the SRI&ETTC at 609-626-3850 or