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1. MTDS Mastering: Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Program: RPDC - Agency for Teaching, Leading and Learning

Location: Park Central Office Building (ROOM 112) (Springfield, MO)

Dates: 2/4/2022

This session is designed for members of professional development committees who want to provide powerful professional development opportunities for their schools and districts.

Participants will:

Understand the roles and responsibilities of effective Professional Development Committees (PDCs)

Examine the relationship between student growth, educator evaluation and professional learning

Explore the criteria for evaluating professional development; and, the appropriate budgeting of funds.

Using Missouri Professional Learning Guidelines (rvsd 2013) and district and building goals, participants will draft or review their PDC Plan for the school year. This program is part of the Missouri Teacher Development System ( Suggested items to bring to aid in discussion: -Current PDC Plan -CSIP -Building school improvement goals -Needs assessment results (if available) -District/building focus areas for educator evaluation and teacher growth plans (if available)

2. MTDS Mastering: Professional Development Committee (PDC)

Program: RPDC - South Central

Location: 6 S&T Phelps Health Annex E101 Seminar Room (Rolla, MO) [map]

Audience: District Professional Development Committee

Dates: 2/23/2022

This program offers learning and support for teachers and administrators serving on the district's professional development committee.

Mastering: Professional Development Committee (PDC) is part of the Missouri Teacher Development System (

This opportunity provides:

Access to updates to professional learning standards, guidelines, and requirements
Facilitation of team planning processes
Opportunities for regional team networking
Competency-based programming

Mastering: Professional Development Committee (PDC) emphasizes the following MTDS Competencies:

Reflective Learner: Increases Knowledge and Skill Through Professional Learning
Develops knowledge/skills to support new teachers by attending mentor, cooperating teacher, and/or PDC training

Professional: Understands and Promotes the Profession
Serves as a mentor, coach, cooperating teacher, resource provider, committee member and/or a representative of the local education association

Professional: Demonstrates Professional Growth and Development
Demonstrates learning gained from: (a) committee work; (b) mentor training; (c) providing resources; and (d) observing, coaching, and providing feedback to aspiring, preparing, and emerging teachers

A small panel of experienced professional development committee members will be available to share their experiences, approaches, and answer questions. It is recommended to bring your PD plan and CSIP.

If you are attending a workshop for which you have not registered, a late fee will be applied.

Lunch will be provided. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions at least seven (7) days in advance.

Face coverings are encouraged when social distancing is not possible.