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MTDS Mastering: Professional Development Committee

Program: RPDC - Central

Location: 9 Central RPDC (Warrensburg, MO) [map]

Audience: PDC Members and /or Administrators

Dates: 8/31/2022 to 3/28/2023

These sessions are designed for members of professional development committees who want to provide powerful professional development opportunities for their schools and districts.

Participants will:

-Understand the roles and responsibilities of effective Professional Development Committees (PDCs)

-Examine the relationship between student growth, educator evaluation and professional learning

-Explore the criteria for evaluating professional development and the appropriate budgeting of funds.

- Draft or review their PDC Plan for the school year using Missouri Professional Learning Guidelines (revised 2020) and district/building goals.

This program is part of the Missouri Teacher Development System ( 

Suggested items to bring to aid in discussion:

-Current PDC Plan 


-Building school improvement goals

-Needs assessment results (if available) 

-District/building focus areas for educator evaluation and teacher growth plans (if available)