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8 hour Online Seminar - Effective Instructional Outcomes (WKS PLS26)

Program: Online Seminars

Location: Online Seminars (n/a, n/) - Online

Dates: On-Going (Ends May 31, 2021)

Location: Online

NYSUT Alignments: I.3, II.4, III.3, V.2
Danielson Aligned: 1C

Previously titled: Setting Instructional Outcomes

*Available to NYSUT Members Only.
In this seminar, participants will create and analyze instructional outcomes that represent high expectations and rigor, build on prior learning, and connect to other disciplines. They will offer careful consideration of assessment methods (how students will demonstrate achievement of outcomes) and explore how to align the outcomes to Common Core State Standards. This seminar also explores how participants can create a balance among types of learning and different disciplines, as well as how to differentiate the learning experiences for diverse learners.

Participants have a maximum of 30 days from the start date listed in MLP to complete all assignments. Seminar information including log in and enrollment link will be sent directly from PLS 3rd Learning.

There is no refund once the information has been sent to the participant. Seminars are $15 per hour.

These are online seminars. Participants will work at their own pace, receive feedback and coaching from an experienced instructor and receive a pass or fail grade upon completion.

Online Requirement:
Requires, reliable/stable high speed internet connection.

*Please Note that these seminars are rolling admission. They will begin every Monday.
You will receive your info via email by 5pm*