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Online Session II - Teaching Through Learning Channels (UNY 825) - Section 1

Program: Online Courses

Location: Online Courses (, ) - N/A - 8 week online course

Audience: Teachers

Dates: On-Going (Ends Dec 1, 2023)

Location: N/A - 8 week online course

UNY 825 Adelphi University
Course dates 10/9/23-12/1/23
This course focuses on helping experienced and beginner educators understand how to increase student achievement by addressing the brain's natural learning channels, using five specific instructional approaches: responding to the five basic needs of all learners (survival/physiological and safety needs; belonging; empowerment and esteem; freedom and self-actualization; and fun); teaching to all of the senses (kinesthetic, tactual, auditory, visual, olfactory, and gustatory); reinforcing five specific cognitive processes that help the brain integrate information (comparing and contrasting new information to old, conceptualizing or formulating a name for things, comprehending or practicing the concept, and combining or incorporating it into everyday life); teaching to the perceptual and organizational-learning styles (global, sequential, abstract, and concrete); and addressing certain personality or temperament styles (intuitive feelers, intuitive thinkers, sensing judgers, and sensing perceivers). Using an instructional process that allows participants to experience these five approaches from a learner's perspective then applying them in their own classrooms from a teacher's perspective, class members will gain expertise in helping their students acquire, process, recall, and apply the skills and content that lead to academic success.

Required Text:No Textbook needed. Participants will take the Kaleidoscope Profile online after the course begins.

Registration deadline is 10/4/23 and course runs 8 weeks. Participants should log in daily to review and check assignments.

**$30 tech fee will be paid on the first day of class via our Moodle platform. Tech fee is non-refundable