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Online SRP Seminar - Our World, Our Students - Section 1

Program: SRP Online Seminars

Audience: School Related Professionals

Dates: On-Going (Ends Aug 31, 2018)

Location: On-Line

The seminar examines the complexity of the diverse student populations within our schools. Our students represent the financial disparity, diverse cultural backgrounds and differences in learning styles and abilities found amongst the citizens within our state.

We will explore the importance of recognizing our own biases, consider the obstacles which may prevent us from understanding our students and identify those beliefs which can hinder the way we interact with them. We will also look at ways to use our students’ backgrounds, cultural resources, as well as their unique strengths and challenges, to create a more conducive environment for learning. In addition, we will explore ways to involve students in the learning process while providing strategies to demonstrate how we, as educators, can use cultural connections to assist our students in appreciating themselves and each other.

This seminar can be used to meet CTLE hours and C.R. Part 154 requirements.

There is no refund once the information has been sent to the participant.

These are online seminars. Participants will work at their own pace, receive feedback and coaching from an experienced instructor and receive a pass or fail grade upon completion.

Online Requirement:
Requires, reliable/stable high speed internet connection.