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Creating the Dynamic Classroom Environment (CURI 6560)

Program: Long Island - Suffolk

Location: Remote (n/a, n/)

Dates: 2/2/2023 to 2/12/2023

Starting Soon
CURI 6560 SUNY Empire State College
Participants will explore the extensive research base behind classroom management and work to create a classroom management plan that will provide a foundation on which to build instruction for the rest of the school year. They will investigate their curriculum and instruction to find ways to engage students in learning, which will virtually eliminate classroom management issues. Since preventive measures are not a failsafe, participants will explore some minor, escalating, and major behavior problems to better prepare you to address these situations as they arise. Participants will also explore how to address the special needs of inclusive classrooms as well as technology in the classroom. 3 graduate credits..

Required Text: What to do with a Kid Who, Developing Cooperation, Self-Discipline by Kay Burke, 3rd ed.; ISBN #9781412937016 & Participant materials available as a download on MLP.

Books can be purchased at your favorite bookstore.

Be mindful that New York State requires ALL students enrolled in a SUNY school to show proof of their MMR Immunization and Meningitis Vaccination when enrolled in six (6) or more credits that involve face-to-face instruction. (Online course work does not apply)

The form is also available online