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Establishing Parental Partnerships as a Framework for Student Success (CURI 6539)

Program: Long Island - Suffolk

Location: Remote (n/a, n/)

Audience: Teachers

Dates: 5/18/2024 to 5/27/2024

CURI 6539 SUNY Empire State University
This course focuses on the family systems theory models as a guide to understanding, appreciating, and supporting diverse families. It introduces the participants to contemporary issues such as working with linguistically diverse and immigrant families. It provides strategies on how to deal with families going through divorce, remarriage, or military employment; families dealing with financial difficulties, natural disasters, and violence. Participants examine families that face hunger, chronic illness, death in the family, and students with parents in prison. They will also examine the use of the latest technology as a communication tool. In this course participants will review the 9 principles of family support in schools. This course is designed to help teachers find ways to partner with parents to help build successful students. Research has clearly shown that parental involvement is a critical variable in a child's education. 3 graduate credits.

Required Text:Home, School, and Community Collaboration Culturally Responsive Family Engagement Kathy B Grant and Julie A. Ray, ISBN #978-1-5063-6573-2

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