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Activating a Motivated and Engaged Brain: The SEEKING System (CURI 6500)

Program: Long Island - Nassau

Location: Remote (n/a, n/)

Dates: 3/11/2023 to 4/22/2023

CURI 6500 SUNY Empire State College (formerly EDU 661118)
This course focuses on improving student attention, engagement, and perseverance, by activating the innate SEEKING System that drives the motivated brain. Participants examine the brain science that underlies each processing network of motivation, memory, and higher-level thinking. They learn to design lessons and incorporate activators (or strategies) that support each processing level and maximize the SEEKING System of the motivated brain.

Required Text:The Motivated Brain: Improving Student Attention, Engagement, and Perseverance, ISBN #9781416620488 to be purchased at your favorite bookstore & the Activating Participant Resource booklet and Activating Participant Assessments available as a download in Frontline

Be mindful that New York State requires ALL students enrolled in a SUNY school to show proof of their MMR Immunization and Meningitis Vaccination when they have enrolled in a total of six or more credits that involve face-to-face instruction with an individual institution. (Online course work does not apply)

The form is also available online

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