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1. Midwest Regional JMT Meetings

Program: RSE-TASC - CTLE Approved Sponsor

Dates: 10/2/2018 to 6/19/2019

Registration for members of the Midwest RSE-TASC Team.

2. Self Determination: Student Led IEPs

Program: RSE-TASC - CTLE Approved Sponsor

Dates: 10/11/2018 to 6/3/2019

The RSE-TASC is offering a 3 day professional development opportunity for staff to focus on a student-directed approach to IEP development. Participants will use the text, "Getting the Most Out of IEPs - An Educator's Guide to the Student-Directed Approach", by Thoma & Wehman to explore resources and create a year long plan to empower students to take a more self-directed role in their education.

3. Post-Secondary Planning for Students with Multiple/Severe Disabilities

Program: RSE-TASC - CTLE Approved Sponsor

Dates: 5/22/2019

Starting Today
This training will provide information and resources on post-secondary transition planning for students with severe disabilities such as youth with limited communication skills, limited cognitive ability and limited mobility. The training will provide resources on and cover such topics as appropriate transition assessments, documenting transition in the IEP, career exploration, self-determination and community resources such as adult programs and OPWDD services in our area, all through the lens of students with severe/ multiple disabilities.
This session will enhance the participant’s awareness of the distinction between disability and language difference. Participants will understand the guiding principles that are used when determining an appropriate course of action for English Language Learners suspected of having a disability. This workshop will assist participants in being able to identify several factors that affect English Language Learner (ELL) young children’s performance while acquiring a second language, ranging from not speaking English to having different stages of conversational and academic vocabulary, fluency, and language comprehension skills. This workshop will help participants identify language differences vs. language difficulty that often resemble a language delay in young children. Particular attention will be paid to the intricacies of conducting valid assessment for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

5. SPED 101 for TESOL

Program: RSE-TASC - CTLE Approved Sponsor

Dates: 6/3/2019

This session will provide TESOL providers with the foundations necessary to serve students with the disabilities. The session will offer a brief historical overview of special education in the United States and draw parallels to reforms in the education of English Language Learners in New York State. Participants will become familiar with key processes in the initial and continued identification of ELL/MLL students with disabilities; key components in the development and implementation of the Individualized Education Program; the role of the TESOL professional as a contributing member of the Committee on Special Education and an overview of supporting documentation/data to collect as per Part 200 and CR Part 154 -2-3.

6. What’s Different about Teaching Reading to Students Learning English?

Program: RSE-TASC - CTLE Approved Sponsor

Dates: 6/5/2019

The purpose of this session is to develop an understanding of how learning to read in English differs for native English speakers and English language learners. Participants will identify strategies and techniques to improve reading instruction for native English speakers and English language learners in elementary and middle school classrooms.

7. Quarterly PBIS Coaches Forum

Program: RSE-TASC - CTLE Approved Sponsor

Audience: PBIS Internal Coaches, District External Coaches, or Administrators

Dates: 6/7/2019

Participants will be provided with the latest news and updates in PBIS implementation from the Regional Behavior Specialists. This roundtable will also provide participants an opportunity to discuss and share current practices in their PBIS framework with other schools, districts, and non-district settings. It will allow participants time to collaborate and share success stories as well as provide resources to support barriers in implementation with others from around the region.

8. Why Do Preschoolers Behave That Way (and What Can I Do About It)?

Program: RSE-TASC - CTLE Approved Sponsor

Audience: general education teachers, special education teachers, paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, related service providers, administrators, school psychologists, social workers, school counselors, behavior specialists

Dates: 6/12/2019

Participants will learn how to evaluate the functions that may contribute to behavior, specifically for children in early childhood (preschool through second grade). They will be challenged to reflect on their current practices and how this information can guide their use of prevention and intervention strategies meant to decrease unwanted behavior and increase acceptable and desirable behaviors.

9. Indicator 13 Boot Camp for Writing Transition in the IEP

Program: RSE-TASC - CTLE Approved Sponsor

Dates: 6/12/2019

This training will provide participants with information on gathering and incorporating transition information into the Individualized Education Program (IEP). Participants will learn about and understand transition services and the practice of implementation as delineated by NYS Education Law and Regulations; capture and implement these practices into a clearly articulated process; develop practices that support appropriately developed IEPs; and increase the successful transition of youth with disabilities in New York State. Participants will also learn how to document transition planning and services within the IEP in accordance with State Performance Plan Indicator 13.