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Program: Center for Environmental Education

Dates: 10/18/2019 to 10/20/2019

This is the 15 hour CTLE credit ($25) registration site for the October Drawdown event hosted by the Omega Institute. Registering for credit does not automatically register you for admission to the event. Space is limited, please register with Omega first to ensure you are able to get a ticket.

Join fellow students, activists, educators, curriculum developers, organizations, librarians, parents, and local officials taking action to reverse global warming, including a growing number of young leaders demonstrating that age does not determine who belongs at the table.

Join the Omega Center for Sustainable Living October 18-20 to cultivate and strengthen partnerships; share information, resources, and curriculum ideas; learn with and from young leaders; get inspired about what's possible; and develop the support needed to achieve Drawdown by 2050½½½½½the critical point when atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations peak and decrease each year after.

Our overarching goal is to help young people, mentors, educators, and community members connect, and access the power and inspiration that comes from knowing there is a tangible way forward. By meeting and learning from others passionate in this work, together we can continue to chart our next steps toward climate action goals for ourselves, our schools, and in our communities.

2018's Drawdown brought more than 200 participants representing dozens of schools and partner organizations together to incubate ideas. We invite you to join this expanded gathering in 2019 to further amplify Drawdown solutions across several areas: community/cross-sector education, action, and organizing efforts; K-12 education; higher education, and through innovation, ideas, and technology.