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1. Leadership Academy - Northwest RPDC

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: Varies (Varies, MO)

Audience: Building Leaders in year 3 and beyond

Dates: 8/28/2018 to 5/24/2019

Leadership Academy is part of the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS). This year-long experience develops effective leaders who:
*Demonstrate their roles as lead learners
*Develop and cultivate positive, productive professional relationships
*Develop skills to effectively develop teachers
*Create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement

Leadership Academy is designed for building leaders in Year 3 and beyond.

The program includes includes:
* 4 state meetings held in Columbia: Kickoff (June 13-15, 2018), Winter Meeting (Jan 9-11, 2019) and Graduation (June 13-15, 2019)
* Outdoor Leadership Experience (Oct. 3-6, 2018) is held at Camp Lakewood, Potosi
* 5 regional cohort meetings
* Legislative visit

You must register here for Regional Meetings AND on the Leadership Academy Site for the State Meetings.

Fee includes program registration regional meetings. Transportation and lodging to state meetings is not included. An additional $300 fee will be paid to YMCA of the Ozarks for OLE.

2. Northwest Teacher Academy 2018-2019

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Varies (Maryville/St Joseph, MO)

Audience: K-12 educators

Dates: 8/31/2018 to 4/29/2019


The focus of Teacher Academy is centered on student engagement, instructional strategies, and reflection on practices that align with the Missouri State Teacher Standards. It is designed to provide participants with an intellectually stimulating opportunity to learn new teaching strategies and collaborate with other highly committed teachers in the region. Participation includes monthly regional meetings August to May and two Statewide meetings in September and January.

Regional Meetings
August 31
October 29
December 7
February 25
March 25
April 29

Statewide Meetings at Lodge of the Four Seasons (You must register separately)
September 18
January 30

Lunch included.
Optional two hours of graduate credit is available.

3. Establishing Professional Learning Communities

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 North Central Missouri College (Trenton, MO)

Audience: PLC Teams & Administrators

Dates: 9/10/2018 to 3/12/2019

Research indicates in Professional Learning Communities effective collaboration focused on student learning is an essential component of highly successful schools. A first step in the process of becoming a professional learning community is commitment to student learning and working collaboratively to achieve common goals. This year long training opportunity is designed for leadership teams consisting of the principal and teacher leaders who will lead their school staff in effectively implementing the processes of professional learning communities as knowledge is built about the importance of establishing a culture of learning. Learning will focus on the big ideas of a professional learning community and the corollary questions with an emphasis on the first question "What do we want students to know and do?" Participants will be able to:
* Learn about the big ideas, corollary questions, and the processes of professional learning communities
* Gain knowledge of how to effectively build a knowledge base of professional learning communities as well as train staff in their buildings on how to conduct effective team meetings, how to dialogue and discuss, and how to lead change in their respective districts
* Understand the importance of building a culture of learning in order to lead staff in creating a mission and vision and developing collective commitments
* Focus on identifying what students should know and do

Participant fees are contracted through the RPDC.
Lunch included.

4. SW-PBS Prep - Coaches Meetings

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Cameron School District (Cameron, MO) [map]

Audience: PBS Prep Coaches

Dates: 9/13/2018 to 3/26/2019

SW-PBS is a process for creating safer and more effective schools by structuring the learning environment to support the academic and social success of all students. The process supports the adoption and long-term implementation of efficient and effective discipline throughout the school environment. PBS methods are research-based and proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behaviors in schools. The primary goals of SW-PBS are to prevent the development of inappropriate behavior, reduce ongoing patterns of problem behavior, and to increase the likelihood of improved academic performance of all students through teaching and learning time gained when the numbers of inappropriate behaviors are reduced. As staffs learn how to consistently embed the teaching and monitoring of appropriate social and behavior skills into the school day and curriculum, they also learn to anticipate how to structure school environments so that the appropriate skills will be utilized more often. It is important that schools actively communicate with families so that they understand and support the SW-PBS process. Families can also benefit from learning how to use similar strategies for teaching and supporting their children's appropriate social and behavior skills.

Lunch will be provided.
$50 per person per session ($200 total)

5. Biology Network: Learning & Growing Together for Success

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Varies (Maryville/St Joseph, MO)

Audience: 9-12 Science Teachers

Dates: 9/17/2018 to 4/24/2019

Marie Curie’s, “Now is the time to understand more, so we fear less” is the philosophy the Biology Network will embrace as we understand more about the new Science Missouri Learning Expectations (MLEs) and how they relate to instruction and the new Biology EOC assessment. Join us as we begin the process of taking each Unit of Study (Structure & Function, Heredity, Evolution, and Ecology) and:
> Unpack the MLEs (identifying the 3-D learning and what skills and knowledge students need to know)
> Determine the priority and supporting expectations
> Revise or create new assessment items to reflect alignment, rigor and structure of the upcoming EOC assessment
> Collaborate in the revision of lessons

Participants will leave the network with an understanding of our new Science Missouri Learning Expectations, how they relate to our new science assessment, and will have crafted new assessments reflecting the alignment, rigor and structure of the upcoming assessment items.

Lunch included.
Optional graduate credit is available

6. SW-PBS Tier 3 Level 1 - Coaches Meetings

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Varies (Maryville/St Joseph, MO)

Audience: SW-PBS Tier 3 Level 1Team Members

Dates: 9/17/2018 to 3/21/2019


Tier 3 training is designed for SW-PBS school teams that have demonstrated readiness to develop a Tier 3 system of individual support. School teams will build on the established schoolwide system to develop an efficient process to serve high-risk students. Training will focus on:
1)Purposes of a Tier 3 team
2)Establishing data decision rules for student identification
3)Conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
4)Using FBA data to develop and implement a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
5)Monitoring and evaluation student progress.

It is encouraged you bring a coach, team members and administrator to the meetings.

Lunch will be provided.
$50 per session

7. Early Childhood Network

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Northwest Missouri State University (Maryville, MO) [map]

Audience: PreK and Kindergarten Educators

Dates: 9/21/2018 to 4/5/2019

Pre-K & Kindergarten Teacher Collaborative Network

The Early Childhood Network is designed to assist the Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher in understanding the needs of the young child to be successful in the educational setting. Participants will learn about recent research findings in early childhood including Reggio Emilia and instructional strategies to develop and strengthen the skills identified in the Missouri Early Learning Goals. Each session will offer opportunities for sharing and discussion around topics of interest to the early childhood educator.

Participant Learning Experiences:
* Strategies & Activities to Build Young Writers
* Oral Language Literacy Connection
* Early Reading Skills
* Building Behavior Skills
* Exploring the Early Childhood Classroom

Lunch included.

8. SW-PBS Sustainability

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Varies (Maryville/St Joseph, MO)

Audience: SW-PBS Team Members

Dates: 9/24/2018 to 4/10/2019

Karen Westhoff, will be sharing sensory integration strategies. As a School Improvement Consultant she provides expertise on various topics such as SW-PBS, Classroom Management, Student Organizational Skills, Social Skills, Improving School Climate, the De-Escalation Cycle and Sensory Integration.

This session is for SW-PBS school coaches, team leaders, team members, and administrators of schools actively implementing School-Wide Positive Behavior Support.

Lunch will be provided.

9. SW-PBS Emerging Advanced - Coaches Meetings

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Varies (Maryville/St Joseph, MO)

Audience: SW-PBS Year 2 Emerging Team Members

Dates: 9/27/2018 to 3/28/2019

This series of four coaches meetings is designed for schools continuing implementation with students at the Tier 1 level. Content will emphasize effective classroom practices, using data for quality decision making and sustainability of the process. All aspects of the 7 components will be reviewed and analyzed as it is implemented in the school as we consider the steps of scaling up to Tier 2 interventions.
SW-PBS school coaches, team leaders, team members, and administrators of schools actively implementing School-wide Positive Behavior Support at the Tier 1 level are encouraged to attend. It is encouraged you bring a coach, team members and administrator to the meeting.

Lunch will be provided.
$50 per person per session ($200 total)

10. Special Education Teacher Network

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: Varies (Varies, MO)

Audience: ECSE & K-12 SPED teachers or directors

Dates: 10/2/2018 to 3/26/2019

This teacher network provides special education teachers the opportunity to stay current on DESE compliance updates and effective practices for instruction. This year long network will focus on the following topics which will include some additions based on participant needs.

>Writing effective present levels and student goal setting
>Understanding, evaluating and determining appropriate student accommodations
>Preparing students for real-life transitions
>Evidence based /research based instructional strategies
>Differentiating for these hard to reach and teach students
>Understanding how to deal with emotions and behavior triggers/reinforcement
>DESE Compliance Updates and Form Following Process
>Linking resources and programs to struggling students
>Dealing with different mindsets
>How to be more than compliant in paperwork and process

Lunch will be provided.

Optional graduate available

11. Secondary Mathematics Network

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Troester Media Center (St. Joseph, MO) [map]

Audience: Secondary math teachers, curriculum coordinators, instructional coaches and administrators

Dates: 10/5/2018 to 3/29/2019

The secondary math network sessions are intended to keep area mathematics personnel informed of any changes within the Missouri Learning Expectations and the most current assessment updates from DESE, as well as other hot topics. We will explore the Eight Effective Teaching Practices for Mathematics from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Time will be provided to share resources and collaborate with one another.

The State Director for Mathematics will be joining us for at least one of our sessions.

Lunch provided.

This network is facilitated by Cathy Battles. Cathy spent more than 30 years in the secondary mathematics classroom. During this time, she served in the role of district mathematics specialist and served as the president of the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics. In her role as a consultant at the KCRPDC she has worked with the Missouri Assessment Program, PLC team, data teams and as a math consultant.

12. Grade K-2 ELA & Math Network

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Varies (Maryville/St Joseph, MO)

Audience: K-2 Teachers

Dates: 10/5/2018 to 3/28/2019

As elementary teachers, you teach more than just math or just reading or writing. Join teachers of like grade levels and spend a half day in math content and a half day in ELA content to increase student learning and engagement in each content area. Sessions will include specific needs of participants. This networking opportunity will allow you to learn from each other.

Lunch provided

13. SW-PBS Tier 2 Maintenance - Coaches Meetings

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Cameron City Hall (Cameron, MO)

Audience: PBS Tier 2 Advanced Team Members

Dates: 10/17/2018 to 3/27/2019

SW-PBS Coaches/Teams of Tier 2 Maintenance schools will meet together to learn how to strengthen their Tier 2 system of support for students. Teams will be given opportunities to network with other Tier 2 teams and share successful SW-PBS practices.

14. Northwest Curriculum Directors Network 2018-19

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Troester Media Center (St. Joseph, MO) [map]

Audience: District Curriculum Corrdinators

Dates: 10/25/2018 to 3/26/2019

Curriculum development is vital to improving student achievement at the Tier 1 level. The development of a viable and guaranteed curriculum takes time and resources, both of which are very limited in the world of education. This network will give curriculum coordinators the opportunity to come together and discuss current trends and issues in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as time to share ideas of what is working to help improve learning in their districts.

15. SW-PBS Advanced - Check & Connect

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Cameron City Hall (Cameron, MO)

Audience: Administrator/Teacher Leadership Teams

Dates: 1/9/2019 to 4/3/2019

SW-PBS Coaches/Teams of Tier 2 schools will meet together to learn how to implement the Check & Connect Model. Check & Connect is a comprehensive intervention designed to enhance student engagement at school and with learning for marginalized, disengaged students in grades K-12, through relationship building, problem solving and capacity building, and persistence.

Lunch on your own

16. 9-12 ELA Network: EOC Updates & Procedures

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Varies (Maryville/St Joseph, MO)

Audience: 9-12 ELA Teachers

Dates: 2/4/2019 to 3/27/2019

These sessions will be based on the 2019 practice tests and state feedback on 2018 results.

Instructional strategies and integration techniques to enhance student writing practice, build critical reading skills, and provide timely student feedback will be provided to increase EOC performance. This network will provide an opportunity for discussion on best practices, current ELA trends, and hands on practice opportunities.
In addition, we will share DESE ELA updateds and EOC procedures and practices.

Lunch included.

17. Missouri Model Districts Missouri Leadership Development System Sessions II & III

Program: RPDC - Northwest

Location: 5 Missouri Western State University (St. Joseph, MO)

Audience: Missouri Model District Administrators

Dates: 3/21/2019

There are three dates for this training. Please register for EACH session separately.
  • February 26 or March 21 - Session II & III

    The Missouri Leadership Development System provides training and support to building administrators through research based learning experiences.
  • Session 1 will focus on decision making and change as Missouri Model Districts move their staff forward through the MMD process.
  • Session 2 will examine how successful school leaders cultivate strong instructional practices to grow teachers.
  • Session 3 will focus on how to hire, retain, and induct talented teachers.

    The Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS) is an important component to support the effort of all buildings.

    It is recommended that Administrators attend all three sessions.

  • 18. Writing and the ELA MAP: Grades 6-8

    Program: RPDC - Northwest

    Location: 5 Barton Farms, NCMC (Trenton, MO)

    Audience: 6-8 Teachers

    Dates: 3/26/2019

    Starting Soon
    This session will be based on the 2019 practice tests and state feedback on 2018 results and will provide participants with a deeper understanding of our state assessment design in English Language Arts.

    This session is devoted SPECIFICALLY to Middle School writing and will provide instructional strategies for increasing writing quality in middle school students. We will identify effective instructional practices which will lead to higher success for all. Participants will go home with "hands-on techniques" ready for classroom application. DESE updates and expectations will also be shared.

    On February 27, Lisa Scroggs, DESE ELA Assistant Director will discuss methods to develop and build student writing skills including writer’s craft and the importance of selecting engaging text. This session will be beneficial to all 7-12 ELA teachers. Please contact the RPDC office at 660-562-1995 for more information.

    This session is also being offered on February 22 in St. Joseph.

    Lunch is provided

    19. Desired Results Developmental Profile- DRDP 2015

    Program: RPDC - Northwest

    Location: 5 Troester Media Center (St. Joseph, MO) [map]

    Audience: Early Childhood Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators

    Dates: 4/5/2019 to 4/12/2019

    The DRDP (2015) instrument is designed for teachers to observe, document, and reflect on the learning, development, and progress of children, who are enrolled in early care and education programs. The results are intended to be used by the teacher to plan curriculum for individual children and groups of children and to guide continuous program improvement. For Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Programs, te DRDP may be used to collect information for the purpose of reporting Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO) to the Office of Special education to meet the requirements of IDEA Part B SPP/APR Indicator 7.

    As required by WestEd, the session must have at least 10 participants.

    INTENDED AUDIENCE: Early Childhood Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Administrators


    20. Federal Programs Planning and Preparation

    Program: RPDC - Northwest

    Location: 5 Troester Media Center (St. Joseph, MO) [map]

    Audience: Federal Programs Coordinators, focus on Cohorts in Tiered Monitoring Process

    Dates: 4/26/2019

    This half day opportunity is available to learn more about federal programs and processes, the federal and state requirements, and compliance components. Each section will provide background information, essential program components, required documentation, references and sources of information, plus planning and budgeting.

    Topics will include:
    * Programming, Planning and Budgeting for Federal Programs - 2019-2020
    * Components of ePeGs Federal Programs Plans 2019-2020 including: Needs Assessments, Parent Engagement Policies and other required components
    * Federal Programs Updates
    * District Level Federal Programs Responsibilities
    * Title 1A, Title 2A, Title 4, Title 5 Program Requirements
    * General Tiered Monitoring Structure Overview 2019-2020
    * Implementation of Title IA Targeted and School-Wide Programming