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1. Ells and Sheltered Instruction-Online


Audience: pre K-12 Teachers

Dates: 4/15/2020 to 5/20/2020

Free to All MESTRACT Member Teachers
Online Course
Wait List
Teaching ELLs can sometimes be quite the puzzle. Students might speak the same language. But, they may have had different educational and life experiences. Other students might not even be literate in their home language. In this course, we will put the puzzle pieces together. We will learn different components of the Sheltered Instruction Approach, and how they align to the instruction of English Language Learners. In this course, participants will create a finished product of a multimodal portfolio. This portfolio will show how the different components are applicable to their classroom and instruction. The goal is for participants to bring new instructional strategies and activities back to their classrooms that support ELLs.

In this online course, we will have one live meeting per week for 30 minutes (face to face using Zoom). Meetings will be held Wednesdays at 7:00pm. If there are scheduling conflicts, you can always contact me prior to the start of the course.

Most of the work in this course will be completed on your own.(15 CTLE Hours)

2. Shake up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning from Static to Dynamic-Online

Program: Online Courses

Audience: All Educators

Dates: On-Going (Ends Jun 5, 2020)

Technology is not a magic solution for education. It is an opportunity! An opportunity to shake things up, to connect and grow, and to create dynamic learning experiences for our students. In this course, you will learn practical strategies to help you move your classroom from static teaching to dynamic learning.

Required Materials:
Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning from Static to Dynamic by Kasey Bell
Please purchase book prior to the start of class.

This course will guide you through the entire process from purposeful planning to fearless implementation, with helpful tips and tricks along the way. Each week you will read required chapters, participate in discussions, and complete challenges that can be applied to your classroom. We will share #booksnaps, ideas, lessons, failures and success, links, and ways to Shake Up Learning!

This course will meet synchronously on April 20th at 7:00 pm via a Zoom session with the rest of the course delivered online utilizing Google Classroom as the delivery platform. Participants meet virtually via Google Classroom to discuss and share lessons and strategies.

Additionally Zoom sessions will be available throughout the course as needed for additional support. The date and time for those sessions will be scheduled based on the need and availability of the participants. The course ends on June 5th, 2020

You will receive an email with information on how to access the Zoom session. The Zoom session will last approximately half hour and will be available to answer any questions you may have about the course. (45 CTLE hours)

3. Social-Emotional Learning in a Blended Classroom-Online


Audience: All Educators

Dates: 4/20/2020 to 5/11/2020

This course will guide you in creating a student-centered classroom that incorporates the thoughtful integration of online digital media with traditional classroom instructional methods. We will explore various classroom models to weave together the best aspects of face-to-face and online learning to provide social-emotional support to our diverse learners. Participants will design instruction that allows students more control over time, pace, place, and path of their learning.

The times indicated in this course listing are placeholders for the hours of the course. Coursework will take place in Google Classroom and online meetings will be arranged by the instructor.

4. Virtual Reality Kit Training-Using VR Google Expeditions in Your Classroom


Audience: K-12 Teachers

Dates: 4/27/2020

MESTRACT Member Teachers Only
Wait List
Introduce your students to a new way of learning with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Virtual field trips are made easy with our VR kit and your choice of Expedition. With VR and AR, teachers are no longer limited by the space of the classroom. Get hands-on experience setting up the VR kit in your classroom, identify and setup an expedition, and participate in a variety of Expeditions using the VR Headsets, teacher and student devices. After completing this workshop, you will qualify to borrow the VR kit from MESTRACT for a three week period to use in your classroom.

5. LINC-Poverty Simulation

Program: Long Island Network of Teacher Centers

Audience: All Educators

Dates: 4/28/2020

Poverty is a reality for many individuals and families. But unless you've experienced poverty, it's difficult to truly understand. The Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) bridges that gap from misconception to understanding. CAPS is an interactive immersion experience. It sensitizes community participants to the realities of poverty. CAPS is not a game. It is based on real Community Action clients and their lives.

During this simulation, participants role-play the lives of low-income families, from single parents trying to care for their children to senior citizens trying to maintain their self-sufficiency on Social Security. The task of each family is to try to improve the family's circumstances over the course of one simulated month. Caregivers must provide food, shelter and other basic necessities for their families while interacting with various community resources.