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1. STI - 5267 - Unit Planning through Understanding by Design

Program: Scarsdale Teachers Institute

Audience: K-12

Dates: 8/19/2019 to 8/22/2019

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Understanding by Design is a framework for improving student achievement that helps teachers clarify learning goals, devise assessments that reveal student understanding, and craft effective and engaging learning activities. Developed by renowned educators Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, this method of curriculum development reflects a process called "backward design" that delays the planning of classroom activities until goals have been clarified and assessments have been produced. Unit planning using backward design provides teachers with a sense of direction and organization that helps the class to achieve significant academic gains within a particular time period.

This course will provide teachers with a common framework to better collaborate in building meaningful curriculum. Participants will read current research on backwards design and unit planning, including excerpts from Wiggins and McTighe's book Understanding by Design. Teachers will identify the broader "understandings" students should gain and craft unit plans that achieve these outcomes. Teachers will design appropriate assessments that evaluate desired learning outcomes and learn how to create daily teaching points to support their unit plans. Opportunities to stimulate student interest through lessons that are creative and relevant will be emphasized. Course Requirements: 1. Attend all sessions 2. Read all assigned material 3. Plan units using Understanding By Design with daily teaching points.

2. STI - 5268 - K-12 Integrated Unit Design for Edgemont

Program: Scarsdale Teachers Institute

Audience: K-12 Edgemont

Dates: 8/26/2019 to 8/27/2019

This course is a work session in which teachers will create new integrated units or upgrade current units of study to fit the 21st Century classroom. The goal is to facilitate changes in the way both content and skills are being delivered to enable students to become autonomous learners. It will also allow for teacher work time where they can evaluate ways in which they can increase their own productivity by using technology for communication and collaboration. Teachers will evaluate current technology use in their classroom explore how to incorporate technology effectively into their teaching to promote student learning and increase engagement.

3. ST@C Remind 101

Program: ST@C

Audience: K-5

Dates: 9/10/2019

Given the current state of communication required, remind is a great -quick easy way to reach parents. Keep them up to date and current with Remind.

4. ST@C Seesaw

Program: ST@C

Audience: K-5

Dates: 9/18/2019

Learn different activities to implement into your classroom with the online digital portfolio program, Seesaw.