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Special Education Extension Series: Preschool/Kindergarten

Program: The Hudson River Teacher Center

Dates: 8/5/2019 to 8/9/2019

The 45 hour CTLE coursework for the extension of certification in Early Childhood includes three areas of learning: Knowledge of Students, Instructional Strategies and Professional Practice. Each Module is made up of 15 hours, or five 3-hour topics of learning specific to the subset area. The coursework has been developed to allow for the topics to be taken as individual CTLE courses, as well as a full 45 hours for the purpose of gaining certification extension.

Purpose: The 45 hour CTLE coursework was developed as a result of a documented shortage of certified teachers in the area of B-2 certification. The primary focus and purpose of this course is to offer current 1-6 certified teachers, who have at least three years of classroom teaching experience in Grades 1st or 2nd, an opportunity to extend their certification to include Preschool and Kindergarten.

Coursework: The coursework for the CTLE certificate extension was developed with the premise that participants have an understanding of good pedagogy and that this coursework would allow them to expand on their already developed skills. The coursework specific to Early Childhood focuses on developmentally appropriate practices in the 4 and 5 year old age bands. It looks at special education regulation and process prior to school aged requirements and it reframes the method of instruction for early learners as compared to a 1-6 classroom. The coursework is structured to allow for participants to reflect on their own current beliefs, practices and bias when viewed through an early childhood lens and provides experiences, content learning and activities that will provide participants with opportunities for growth in this area of teaching. Topic areas ask participants to be collaborative and critical thinkers, to include families and to look at children's behaviors as a means of communication.


Modules 1 and 2 will be in person the week of 8/5-8/9/19. Module 3 will be an online format to be completed by September 1st, 2019