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1. G-Suite for School Administrators Level Two*

Program: LHRIC - Instructional Technology (Model Schools Courses)

Dates: 8/16/2017

G-Suite has proven to be a highly effective solution for sharing, collaboration, and “working in the cloud.” This is a continuation of the Level One workshop in this series, and will further build on designing efficient workflows for administrators to automate their workflows and school processes. Administrators will explore how best to encourage collaboration and efficiency with all stakeholders in the school community. There will be strong emphasis on Add-ons, Apps, Drive, Docs, Forms, Sheets, and Slides.

2. ABC’s of Coding

Program: LHRIC - Instructional Technology (Model Schools Courses)

Dates: 8/22/2017

Starting Soon
Coding sounds complicated, but it's really just a series of instructions! Join us for a discussion and tutorials that will help you explore how to teach coding to your students. Participants will be involved in a variety of scenarios - both online and ‘unplugged’. We will be concentrating on Scratch, a free online coding tool for all levels of programmers. This session is geared specifically for faculty who may not have a formal programming or computer science background, but are open to exploring how the thinking involved in coding can help enhance thinking across all disciplines.

3. Thinking Deeper than Code: Creating an Agile Classroom

Program: LHRIC - Instructional Technology (Model Schools Courses)

Dates: 8/23/2017 to 8/24/2017

Starting Soon
Are you currently managing the delivery of coding and other STEAM-related content in your classroom/makerspace/school/district? Would you like your students to gain essential skills necessary for planning, building, testing and reviewing projects?

Join us for this two-day workshop, to learn how to make real world connections through adapted practices used within the education community.

This workshop highlights the adaptation of Scrum for educator use within the classroom. The popular agile approach and its’ related framework has been used by many well-known tech leaders such as: Microsoft, Google, and Apple. An agile approach can be applied to a diverse range of industries and can assist in the management of projects as simple as household chores or opposingly as complex as developing the next iPhone. The frameworks highlighted during this session, will provide educators with the tools necessary in managing coding and other STEAM-related projects in their class/ makerspace/school/district. Teachers of all content areas will gain a deeper understanding of methods to support their students comprehension of project development, teamwork and the importance of iteration.

4. Ensemble Video Annual User Group

Program: LHRIC - Instructional Technology (Model Schools Courses)

Dates: 11/16/2017

Join us for this group session with Ensemble Video and Annese members- Scott Nadzan and Andy Enright, to discuss and learn about all of the exciting new product features that directly support our district's classrooms. Additionally, this is an opportunity for our districts to come together and share best practices around the use of Ensemble Video in the classroom.

Topics will include:
- new features
- Ensemble Anthem (integrated screen capture tool!)
- Live Streaming (for all!)
- Ensemble Automatic Captions (a cost effective way to meet Section 508 accessibility standards)
- Media Library for all- in LHRIC's updated ensemble architecture, all users CAN have access to their own Media Library
- Ensemble Studio (simplifies classroom and event capture)

*A lite breakfast/lunch will be provided by Annese as a token of appreciation for our wonderful partnership.

Click here for more product information.

5. 20% Time/Genius Hour User Group- Jan 2018

Program: LHRIC - Instructional Technology (Model Schools Courses)

Dates: 1/12/2018

Join us for a user group experience! By design, this user group targets educators that are already implementing 20% Time/Genius Hour into their classrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from one another's "successes" and "failures," as both are equally important. This work will help shape your journey and considerations for future 20% Time/Genius Hour implementations.