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1. Nourishing Motivation with Non-Food Rewards and Incentives

Location: B.O.C.E.S. Building 10 (West Nyack, NY)

Dates: 4/25/2018

Learn successful evidence-based strategies for providing students with rewards and recognition without using food. New Norms for Healthy Schools Training Series will provide information and technical support for wellness coordinators/committee members, administrators, teachers and parents on how to sustain nutrition and physical activity practices in schools that align with wellness policies and Smart Snacks in School Guidelines. Training dates: Jan 24, Feb 7, March 14, and Apr. 25. Register seperately For program information contact: Carrie Steindorff, This training is a professional learning program of the Rockland County School Health and Wellness Coalition.

2. Healthy Schools Mentoring Training - April

Location: B.O.C.E.S. Building 10 (West Nyack, NY)

Dates: 4/25/2018

April Mentoring Topic: Celebrating success and sustaining momentum of your school health programming. Learn about resources and guidelines to assist in your healthy schools plan. Creating a healthy school is the work of many guided by an effective leader. This free mentoring session is for school wellness leaders looking for guidance, technical assistance, feedback and problem solving to be effective in their leadership roles. The training will be led by knowledgeable school health professionals who will respond to individual and group needs to:

• Build a sustainable wellness team

• Choose a framework that suits your school

• Complete an assessment

• Work on an action plan.

• Access resources, grants, materials For more information contact: Carrie Steindorff, Mentoring trainings are offered monthly on Jan 24, Feb 7, March 14, and Apr. 25. Register seperately This training is a professional learning program of the Rockland County School Health and Wellness Coalition.

3. Disability Awareness for SRPs

Location: B.O.C.E.S. Building 10 (West Nyack, NY) - Building 10PDC

Dates: 5/7/2018

Location: Building 10PDC

SRPs often work with students who are identified as having one of the categories. This seminar will provide participants with a general understanding of the thirteen disability categories and key concepts related to the education of students with disabilities. Participants will experience what it is like to have a disability and learn strategies for improving student learning and behavior. This training is offered through a collaboration of RTC and NYSUT ELT and made possible through funding from the NYS Occupational Safety and Health Training and Education Fund. A minimum of 15 is required to run the training.

4. CEGE 605-R01/Building Professional Learning Communities to Improve Student Learning

Location: North Rockland High School (North Rockland HS, )

Dates: 8/2/2018 to 8/30/2018

This course will have two goals: to facilitate Professional Learning Communities (PLC) in our schools through the habits of successful thinking and assist participants in creating classrooms responsive to the needs of all students. These two goals will allow participants to grow professionally and push students beyond independence levels. By developing habits of thinking and collaborative communication skills with colleagues, participants will develop strategies to make their schools better learning communities and to make their classrooms more responsive to the needs of all learners. We will utilize the required book “How Full is your Bucket”, by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton as the conceptual framework. The book “reveals how even the briefest interactions affect your relationships, productivity, health and longevity”, and “Beyond Discipline: From Compliance to Community”, by Alfie Kohn. Recommended readings are “Productive Group Work by Fisher”, by Frey and Everlove; and “Teaching with the Brain in Mind”, by Eric Jensen. Effective schools explicitly develop the skills and strategies of collegiality amongst staff members. Effective teachers have a profound impact upon student learning. Therefore, participants will develop thinking and communication skills to make them more effective teachers; improving their responsiveness in the classroom.