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1. EDU 5295.01/EDU 5295A.01 Teaching Health, Physical Education and Family/Consumer Education-1 Graduate Credit

Location: North Rockland High School (North Rockland HS, )

Dates: 1/8/2019 to 1/15/2019

This course will examine the characteristics of positive and negative health behaviors while learning appropriate reinforcement and prevention strategies. Students will learn methods of teaching health and physical education skills at the childhood level with consideration for safety issues. Discussion on current issues in family and consumer science will be an important aspect of the course. REQUIRED TEXT: Telljohann, S.K., Symons, C.W., Pateman, B., Seabert, D. M. (2012) Health Education, Elementary & Middle School Applications (7th ed.). McGraw Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-352968-4. This course is open to matriculated students only. Additional college tuition will be incurred for graduate credit. Note: You must register on webadvisor for both EDU 5295.01 and EDU 5295A.01.

2. Mental Health & Wellness 101

Location: B.O.C.E.S. Building 10 (West Nyack, NY)

Dates: 1/22/2019

The median time between the onset of mental illness (when symptoms first appear) and when an individual gets appropriate treatment is 10 years. During that time, a person is likely experiencing periods of increased symptomology and periods of wellness. Mental Health and recovery are dependent on an individual’s ability to recognize and manage where they are each day on the continuum between wellness and illness, and to take care accordingly. Education and early intervention promotes wellness and leads to better outcomes.
Goals of the Training:

Increase basic knowledge of mental health to help reduce stigma.

Understand Mental Health as a continuum of wellness that defines us every day — it is illness, recovery and all of the space in between.

Promote wellness, treatment seeking behavior, recovery and self-care.
This training is taught by Wendy Blanchard, M.S., CHHC, CPS, Client & Family Advocate and Community Educator. Wendy Blanchard was honored to be a part of creating this training as a resource and support for the newly implemented New York State Mental Health Education Law which began on July 1, 2018.

3. CEGE 637-R01/Making Inclusion Work: Instructional Strategies for Students with Learning & Behavior Problems

Location: North Rockland High School (North Rockland HS, )

Dates: 1/24/2019 to 3/14/2019

This course will provide an overview of the characteristics of effective instructional strategies in a general education classroom. Participants will develop strategies to incorporate children with special needs and the programs and procedures used most effectively to serve them. It will also provide information about the laws guiding the education of special education students and the theories, diagnostic procedures and teaching strategies which are most effective with these students. By the end of this course students should have gained a full understanding of: Special health-related issues, Learning processes of the special education student, motivational and communication techniques, classroom management, the means to update knowledge and skills in the subject taught, current trends and issues, special education legislation, characteristics and etiology of specific disabilities, intervention strategies for children with disabilities, how to adapt the learning environment to meet the needs of exceptional children, and identification of students with disabilities. The text The Inclusive Classroom will provide theoretical support and research-based strategies to improve student learning in mainstream classrooms. Required Text: “The Inclusive Classroom”, by Mastropieri & Shruggs, The Loose-Leaf Version-5th edition, 2014. *Final projects and reflections due via online on Mar. 14, 2019. Students interested in auditing course for non-credit will be on a stand-by basis. Preference will be given to Graduate and In-service participants.

4. EDU 5460.02/Integrated Curriculum for Early Childhood Education II

Location: North Rockland High School (North Rockland HS, )

Dates: 2/6/2019 to 4/10/2019

Based upon current child development theories and principles, this course will examine methodology and resources applicable to teaching in the infant, toddler, and early childhood classroom. Focus will be on the study, design and evaluation of developmentally appropriate curriculum in the areas of social studies, expressive arts, physical education, safety and health ways in which these areas may be integrated with other areas of the curriculum. Emphasis will include fostering skills of the inquiry, problem-solving and creative thinking in young children through discovery and play. Students will do classroom observations, create and execute lesson plans develop curriculum units and conduct case studies for practical application of concepts and principles. Required Texts: “Early Childhood Education” K., Garcia-Nevarez, A., Roundtree Henderson, W., and Valero- Kerrick A. (2014), Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications Ltd. and “Social Studies for Young Children: Preschool and Primary Curriculum Anchor” , by Mindes, Gayle (2014), Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Ed. If you plan to take this graduate course and are not a matriculated Manhattanville student, please contact Joleen Murray at 845-499-0851 before registering. Additional college tuition will be incurred for graduate credits. Snow date is April 17, 2019.