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Making Math Make Sense with Greg Tang

Program: Hourly Workshops

Dates: 11/17/2020

Meeting Times: Tuesday, November 17, 2020; 8 am - 3 pm

In this new virtual workshop for grade 1-6 teachers, the focus will be on the most important concepts at each grade level. You will learn how to teach them visually and virtually, and which concrete, pictorial, and abstract models help students most.

You will also have the opportunity to experience whole class instruction virtually, then adopt or adapt the methods you like best. You will learn tips for modeling concepts, leading math talks, and structuring lessons, and show you firsthand the power of digital manipulatives.

Since 2001, Greg Tang has done more than 4,000 workshops, conferences, and author visits. He has transformed schools and districts - increasing understanding, test scores, and enjoyment along the way. Greg's streamlined and sensible approach to math is now a cornerstone of school curriculums worldwide. Greg is the NY Times best-selling author of eight math picture books from Scholastic and is certified as a middle and high school math teacher.

After November 10, 2020, the full fee will be assessed for dropped enrollments or no shows.

Note: During this professional learning activity, we may record portions of the learning experiences to showcase and market programs and services. If you have any major objections to this, please communicate with the lead facilitator. Thank you.