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Webinar: Google Drive

Explore Google Drive and learn how this suite of services, which includes Google Docs, can be utilized for productivity, communication and collaboration in the classroom. This webinar will also include a tour of Google Drive's recent updates as well as a variety classroom management strategies for integrating Google Drive.

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1.Mon Nov 4, 20133:00 pm to 4:00 pmwebinar


Minimum enrollment5)

  • Clearly/accurately communicate with students
  • Communicate effectively to improve practice
  • Communicate/collaborate with families
  • Manage learning environment
  • Respond to diverse learning needs
  • Use diverse instructional strategies
  • Perform non-instructional duties
  • Use a variety of approaches to meet student needs
  • Use resources to create safe/productive environment
  • Monitor student progress and adapt instruction

Teachers and administrators who would like to leverage Google Drive for communication and collaboration with stakeholders

District Professional Development Hours10


No Cost

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