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 Year 1 Days 1 and 2 Induction Consortium Course

This course is only available to teachers whose districts participate in the IU Induction Consortium. Registrants should notify their Induction Coordinator before they register.

YEAR 1 Days 1 & 2: Act 48,Instructional II, ESL Overview, PDE SAS/Standards, Instructional Strategies

Please choose a set of dates to attend Day 1 and a set of dates to attend Day 2!

Day 1: Act 48, Instructional II Certificate, ESL Overview, PDE SAS/Standards and Anchors

(choose one set of dates to register for): October 4 - 15, or October 18 - 29, 2021

Day 2: Instructional Strategies

(choose one set of dates to register for): November 1 - 12 or November 15 - December 3 , 2021

Participants will complete all online activities, including a review of PPTs, videos and assignments.

Location: Asynchronous online courses via IU 1 Moodle - participants will be sent a link prior to the start of the course.

To receive credit, you must attend both Day 1 and Day 2 online sessions and complete all Moodle assignments, and course evaluations.

Dates:  Oct 4 - Nov 1  # Enrolled:  70