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 STEMSPACE: A Unique Virtual Asynchronous STEM Learning Experience

•Explore content-rich self-paced modules in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math

•Delivered online through Learn America's Learning Management System

•Modules are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and NYS-SLS

•E-books include animated videos, self-assessments, assignments, as well as formative and summative assessments,br.

•Inservice: Create a virtual K-12 lesson plan with support from a virtual STEM coach using content from the modules and Rockland Teachers' Center online Resource Toolkit

BIO 1 Fresh Air: Respiratory System, Tidal Volumes and Breathing
BIO 2 Ticking Right: Cardiovascular Systems and the Regulation of Heart Beats
BIO 3 No Bones About It: The Skeletal System and Predicting the Height of a Human
CHEM 1 The Disappearing Act: Lessons on Solubility
CHEM 2 It's A Balancing Act: Chemical Reactions
CHEM 3 Hot and Cold: Temperature Effects on Matter
CHEM 4 Acid, Bases, and Salts
CHEM 5 Surface Tension and Viscosity: Properties of Liquids
PHY 1 Physics of Baseball: Analyze Baseball Essentials
PHY 2 Make a Wave: Study of Sound Waves
PHY 3 Closed Circuit: Basics of Electricity
PHY 4 Light Waves
MAT 1 Dots and Lines: Use Graph Theory to Streamline Mail Delivery and Plan College Visits
MAT 2 You Are What You Eat: Analyze Food Habits Through Statistical Methods   
Dates:  Apr 10 - Apr 20  # Enrolled:  1